Catalyst In the News

  • Female Graduates Earn Less Than Their Male Peers. This Is How Some CEOs Are Fixing It.

    This article refers to Catalyst’s Good Intentions, Imperfect Execution? WNeeded to Advance study to highlight the pay equity problem in Australia while alluding to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s new pay campaign that will launch later this year.

    Women's Agenda, by Yolanda Beattie

  • Women, Minorities Make Little Progress in Gaining Seats on Corporate Boards

    To explore the lack of women in boards in Indiana, this article quotes Kerry Goodenow, Associate, Corporate Board Services, and cites the findings from The Bottom Line: Connecting Corporate Performance and Gender Diversity.

    Indy Star, by Jeff Swatiek

  • Most Workplaces Don't Make Everyone Feel Valued—Here's How To Fix That

    Based on results from Catalyst’s Inclusive Leadership: The View from Six Countries study, this article discusses how a leader can become more inclusive and create an inclusive work environment. Jeanine Prime, Vice President & Center Leader of Catalyst’s Research Center for Advancing Leader...

    FastCompany, by Gwen Moran

  • Women Lead By Example

    This opinion column written by the husband of Catalyst Canada Honours winner, Sharon MacLeod, illustrates the impact of women role models and broadly cites Catalyst Canada Research.

    Toronto Sun

  • Women on the Board: Quotas Have Limited Success

    This article focuses on board quotas and cites findings from the 2013 Catalyst Census: Fortune 500 Women Board Directors study. Ilene Lang, Senior Advisor, Former Presidet & CEO, Catalyst, is quoted in this piece.

    The New York Times, by Claire Cain Miller

  • “RCB’s Zabeen Hirji To Receive 2014 Catalyst Canada Honour For Championing Women and Minorities In Business”

    This article describes Zabeen Hirji’s achievements as one of the 2014 Catalyst Canada Honours champions.

    Yahoo! Canada Finance

  • 2014 Catalyst Canada Honours Champions Announced: Powerful Role Models for Advancing Women and Business

    Thie piece highlights the five Canadian corporate leaders who will be honored during the 5th annual Catalyst Canada honours.

    Market Watch, by Press Release

  • Rich Joined in Marriage as Millionaire Women Bring Wealth With Them

    With quotes from Debbie Soon, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Marketing, Catalyst, and data cited from the 2013 Catalyst Census:Fortune 500, this article focuses on how wealthy women bring financial assets to their relationships.

    Bloomberg, by Margaret Collins

  • Yahoo Reveals Employee Diversity Statistics; White Males Predominant

    Yahoo’s workforce demographic data, cites the 2013 Catalyst Census: Fortune 500 study, revealing that many companies lack diversity.

    Inside Counsel, by Zach Warren

  • Sandberg: Lack of Diversity in Firms "Pretty Depressing"

    This story discusses how the lack of diversity within companies is “pretty depressing,” says Sheryl Sandberg. Catalyst Fortune 500 Census data is cited.

    USA Today, by Laura Petrecca