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  • Catalyst research has stated that when women hold leadership or board positions, it improves company financial performance, economic growth, productivity and profitability. This makes it crystal clear that business is better and companies perform most effectively when they bring equal opportunity...

    Crain's New York Business, by Op-Ed

  • A report titled 'High potentials under high pressure in India's technology sector' by Catalyst, a non-profit that works for inclusive workplaces, reveals how 12 years into their careers, women tend to receive Rs 3.8 lakh lesser salary than men.

    Times of India

  • Study after study, particularly those from Catalyst, the global expert on accelerating progress for women through workplace inclusion, has stated that when women hold leadership or board positions, it improves company financial performance, economic growth, productivity, and profitability.

    Gotham Gazette, by Elizabeth Crowley, Darlene Mealy, Deborah Gillis

  • In August 2015 the WSJ cited data from advocacy group Catalyst that showed women in Japan held just 3.1% of board seats at big companies, compared with 19.2% in the United States, and 20.8% in Canada.

    Business Insider, by Elana Holodny

  • According to Catalyst, women make up 45 percent of the workforce in S&P 500 companies—so far, so good. But the numbers thin out very quickly as you go up the leadership pyramid.

    Huffpost Business, by Mark S. Casady

  • Newly released data for 2016 from Catalyst shows that women hold only 4 percent of chief executive positions at S&P 500 companies—that’s 20 spots out of 500. 

    Huffpost Business, by Rebecca Shambaugh

  • “The numbers are pretty appalling when you look at both women’s representation in the (financial) industry and the labor force, and increasing influence as consumers and investors,” says Deborah Gillis, president-CEO, Catalyst.

    Variety, by Cynthia Littleton

  • Jan Combopiano, Senior Vice President, Research & Chief Knowledge Officer, Catalyst, is quoted in this piece about the business case for gender diversity and why having more women at the top improves your bottom line. 

    The Toronto Star, by Dana Flavelle

  • Catalyst is cited in this article about women in finance and the movie Equity which is about the lives of women on Wall Street.

    The Source, by LuCH0945

  • Catalyst's Women in S&P 500 Finance pyramid is embedded in this article about a new study from the EY/Peterson Institute that shows the connection between women in leadership and paternity leave.

    The Huffington Post, by Emily Peck