Catalyst In the News

  • General Motors announces Mary Barra as first female CEO

    Catalyst CEO data cited in profile of Mary Barra. 

    DW, by Editorial Staff

  • GM, Sempra crack glass ceiling

    Mary Barra and Sempra Energy’s Debra Reed crack glass ceiling; Fortune Census cited.  

    U-T San Diego, by Dan McSwain

  • GM's Historic Female CEO Pick Still More Exception Than Rule

    Catalyst Fortune 500 Census cited in piece on GM CEO Mary Barra. 

    The Huffington Post, by Jillian Berman

  • What glass ceiling?

    Catalyst research cited and Chief Operating Officer Deborah Gillis quoted in story exploring the myths of inequality. 

    London Evening Standard, by Rosamund Urwin

  • Only 7 Of The Fortune 500 Companies Have Boards That Are At Least 40% Women

    Catalyst census data and Bottom Line cited in piece about the few companies with more than 40% women on their boards. 

    Business Insider, by Vivian Giang

  • Wall Street Mothers, Stay-Home Fathers

    Catalyst Census data cited in story about how stay-at-home fathers are enabling women on Wall Street to reach new levels of success. 

    The New York Times, by Jodi Kantor and Jessica Silver-Greenberg

  • The science of getting women on boards

    Catalyst Setting the Record Straight data and Chief Operating Officer Deborah Gillis quoted in piece on getting women onto boards.

    The Washington Post, by Jena McGregor

  • Past Yellen and Lagarde, women still have a long way to go

    Despite some advances, high-level women missing in Canada; Catalyst Canada Hi-Po report cited and Chief Operating Officer Alex Johnston quoted. 

    The Star, by David Olive

  • Twitter’s addition of Marjorie Scardino is a great move, but more needs to be done.

    Catalyst Bottom Line data cited in piece on Twitter’s new female board member.

    The Washington Post, by Vivek Wadhwa

  • Gender equality: why women are still held back

    Catalyst Bottom Line data cited in article looking at why we still haven’t reached gender equality. 

    The Guardian, by Abigail Player