Catalyst In the News

  • Wall Street Lags on Women's Roles

    Catalyst Fortune Census cited in piece on the lack of women in leadership roles in the finance industry. 

    The Wall Street Journal, by Francesco Guerrera

  • Not much has changed for today's working girls

    Fortune Census data and Canada high-potential research cited in article about “Working Girls” and the lack of change for women. 

    The Globe and Mail, by Leah Eichler

  • Millennials want to be the boss; boomers don’t

    Fortune Census data mentioned in piece about recent Pew Research finding that Millennials want to be the boss more than Boomers. 

    Market Watch, by Quentin Fottrell

  • Are Business Schools The Solution for Reaching Boardroom Parity?

    Catalyst Fortune Census cited in piece on business schools that are starting initiatives to get more women on boards. 

    The Glass Hammer, by Tina Vasquez

  • Boston Leads the Metropolis Charge to Erase Gender Wage Gap

    Catalyst Fortune Census cited and linked in a blog post about Boston’s plan to become the first city in the country to completely erase the gender wage gap. 

    The Huffington Post, by Gloria Feldt

  • As GM’s glass ceiling shatters, check on women CEOs on your beat

    Catalyst women CEO list cited in piece on female leadership. 

    Reynolds Center Business Journalism, by Melissa Preddy

  • Young women say sexism happens, but not to them

    Pew Research Center finds millennial women say sexism happens, but not to them; Fortune Census data cited. 

    CNBC, by Allison Linn

  • Ohne Quote an die Spitze

    Catalyst Fortune 500 Census cited in German piece on gender quotas. 

    Handelsblatt, by Editorial Staff

  • 3 Ways Companies Create Gender Equality

    President and CEO Ilene Lang and Chief Operating Officer Deborah Gillis quoted in piece on Fortune Census release. 

    AOL Jobs, by Dan Fastenberg

  • Anthony Hilton: Progress on gender equality but still a big battle ahead

    Fortune Census cited in piece on the battle ahead for gender equality in the workplace. 

    London Evening Standard, by Anthony Hilton