Catalyst In the News

  • No Progress for Women in Business says 2013 Census of Fortune 500

    In-depth coverage of Catalyst Fortune Census. 

    Women on Business, by Susan Gunelius

  • Canada’s gender pay gap: Who is to blame?

    Canada high-potential research cited in piece on closing the gender wage gap. 

    Yahoo! Finance, by Brenda Bouw

  • Canada’s executives unconcerned with number of women on boards: report

    The findings of the Gandalf Group’s c-suite study of women executives in Canada with insights by Catalyst Canada Executive Director Alex Johnston. 

    Yahoo! Finance, by Darah Hansen

  • The Glass Hammer: 2013, a Year in Review

    Catalyst Fortune Census cited in piece reflecting on 2013 and the year ahead. 

    The Glass Hammer, by Nicki Gilmour

  • Night Waves: Feminism in 2013

    Executive Director of Catalyst Europe AG Sibylle Rupprecht discusses the issue of feminism in 2013; Catalyst Fortune Census cited. 

    BBC Radio, by Anne McElvoy

  • Womanly Ways Benefit Corporate Boards

    Vice President of Catalyst Corporate Board Services Brande Stellings quoted in piece on the benefits of having women on corporate boards. 

    Main Street, by Juliette Fairley

  • European Banker of Year Shows Why She’s Lonely at Top

    Catalyst Bottom Line study cited in piece on Annika Falkengren, who heads SEB AB, Sweden’s fourth largest bank.

    Bloomberg News, by Niklas Magnusson

  • The 2013 Catalyst Census: Progress in the Fortune 500 Remains Flat

    Fortune Census findings detailed; President and CEO Ilene Lang and Research Director Rachel Soares quoted. 

    The Glass Hammer, by Tina Vasquez

  • Shedding light on the gender gap for Canada's MBA graduates

    Canada high-potential report findings detailed. 

    Yonge Street Media, by Hamutal Dotan

  • Die Macho-Falle

    Catalyst Fortune Census cited in piece on the lack of women in the boardrooms of Wall Street. 

    Der Spiegel, by Anne Von Seith