Catalyst In the News

  • Women break barriers, yet men still hold top positions. Fortune 500 is cited and Brande Stellings a Catalyst Vice President is quoted.  

    Wall Street Journal, by Rani Molla

  • Citing the Ripple Effect, Emily Troiano, author of the Women in the World reprot is quoted on the global benefit of supporting women.

    The Glasshammer, by Tina Vasquez

  • Emily Troiano quote and Fortune 500 cited in this story about a woman who shatters the glass ceiling.

    Indianapolis Recorder, by Jessica R key

  • Shachi Irde, Executive Director of Catalyst India, spoke with Sairee Chahal to share their views on the progress of women in various fields.

    Think Progress

  • Sachi Irde of Catalyst India WRC, and two other specialist discuss women's progress.


  • In this essay, Shachi Irde, Executive Director of Catalyst India, responds to the decline in India’s female labor force participation.

    Live Mint, by Pramit Bhattacharya

  • Jan Combopiano, Vice President  & Chief Knowledge Officer, Catalyst, is quoted in this article about a survey which found that women are less confident about their retirement prospects than men are.

    Human Resource Executive Online, by Kristen B. Frasch

  • The truth about women's leadership, citing Catalyst's Fortune Census.

    Center for American Progress, by Judith Warner

  • Prompted by International Women’s Day, this article cites Catalyst’s Women in the World report to prove that women are underrepresented in many economies throughout the world.

    Economia, by Sibylle Rupprecht

  • Catalyst mentioned in this piece about Advisory Board member Geraldine Elliot of Juniper Networks being appointed to Whirlpool board.

    Grand Rapids Business Journal, by Charlsie Dewey