Catalyst In the News

  • First take: Autos not such a 'boys' club' nowadays

    Catalyst mentioned in piece on the progress women have been making in the auto industry. 

    USA Today, by James R. Healey

  • More women in the driver’s seat?

    Profile of Mary Barra cites Catalyst and quotes Chief Operating Officer Deborah Gillis. 

    The Washington Post, by Lillian Cunningham

  • Late Notes and Other Workplace Memes for December 10

    Catalyst Fortune 500 Census cited and linked in news update. 

    Big Think, by Big Think Editors

  • General Motors Names Mary Barra First Woman CEO

    Profile of Mary Barra quotes Chief Operating Officer Deborah Gillis and cites Catalyst research. 

    U.S. News & World Report, by Danielle Kurtzleben

  • GM’s Promotion of Barra to CEO a Breakthrough for Women

    Catalyst research cited in piece on Mary Barra's appointment to CEO at GM. 

    The Wall Street Journal, by Sara Murray

  • GM names its first female CEO

    Chief Operating Officer Deborah Gillis, census data, and women CEO stats cited in piece on GM's Mary Barra.  

    Los Angeles Times, by Jerry Hirsch

  • These 49 Major US Companies Have Zero Women On Their Boards

    Catalyst CEO data and Fortune Census cited in piece exploring the lack of women on corporate boards. 

    Business Insider, by Vivian Giang

  • GM taps Mary Barra as first female CEO, replacing Akerson

    Fortune Census mentioned in written article on Mary Barra's ascendance to GM CEO; video contains voiceover citing Catalyst and charts with Census data. 

    CBS News, by Aimee Picchi

  • Progress stalling for women in US companies

    Fortune Census cited and President and CEO Ilene Lang quoted in article arguing that progress is stalling for women in the workplace. 

    Economia, by Raymond Doherty

  • Still No Progress for Women in Top Posts: Gillis

    Interview with Chief Operating Officer Deborah Gillis on Mary Barra being named the next CEO of GM. Fortune Census, Bottom Line, and Hi-Po research cited. 

    Bloomberg TV, by Mark Crumpton