Catalyst In the News

  • Accelerating Change in the Boardroom Panel Discussion, an event organized by Catalyst Canada, is detailed in this post.


  • This article suggesting that women should network more to advance in their careers mentions Catalyst as one of the organizations expanding formal and informal gatherings to let women professionals connect with one another.

    Fortune, by Carol Bartz & Lisa Lambert

  • This piece about leading Minnesota healthcare provider Allina Health's appointment of its first female and physician chief executive in its 20-year history mentions Catalyst's Women CEOs of the Fortune 1000.

    Bring Me The News, by Adam Uren

  • Tanmatra, a women's leadership development program in India to be launched by IBM, IIM-B, and Catalyst, is mentioned in this piece about Indian companies trying to hire more women as more and more studies show that women improve an organization's performance.

    Businessworld India, by Poonam Kumar

  • This piece about the effort to boost women's representation in Canada's communications, media and technology sectors highlights The Protégé Project, a pioneering new program created by Catalyst, WCT, and Shaw Communications to spur female leadership.

    Bloomberg Businessweek

  • This piece highlights The Protégé Project, a new program from Shaw Communications, Women in Communications and Technology, and Catalyst Canada which aims to increase opportunities for female executives.

    Media In Canada, by Val Maloney

  • This piece about the gender pay gap in the UK cites Catalyst's Pipeline's Broken Promise.

    The Telegraph, by Lauren Davidson

  • This article about The Protégé Project, a pioneering new programm created by Catalyst, WCT, and Shaw Communications to spur female leadership in Canada's communications, media and technology sectors, mentions Catalyst's Canadian Women in Business.

    Global News

  • This piece about tech companies that have rolled out progressive policies to hire, retain and encourage women talent in India mentions the launch of Tanmatra, Catalyst India WRC's cross-industry women’s leadership development program.

    The Financial Express, by Monalisa Sen

  • Anna Beninger, Director, Research, is quoted and Catalyst's High Potentials in Tech- Intensive Industries: The Gender Divide in Business Roles is highlighted in this piece discussing why there are so few women on the business side of the tech industry.

    The New Zealand Herald