Catalyst In the News

  • Drawing more women into leadership

    Catalyst Fortune Census cited in piece on the lack of women filling leadership roles. 

    Orange County Register, by Jessica Rubio

  • Decoding the lack of female talent in India’s IT sector

    In-depth coverage of Catalyst's High Potentials Under High Pressure in India’s Technology Sector.  

    Firstpost, by FP Staff

  • Women lag behind men by Rs 3.8 lakh in terms of pay: Study

    High Potentials Under High Pressure in India's Technology Sector cited and Executive Director of Catalyst India WRC Shachi Irde quoted in piece on professional women in India being left behind. 

    The Economic Times, by Editorial Staff

  • Gender equity on corporate boards makes good business sense (column)

    Catalyst Fortune Census cited in piece on women on corporate boards. 

    The York Daily Record, by Katie Markey McLaughlin

  • Allyson Zimmermann, directora general de Catalyst Europe “Una directiva gana 430.000 dólares menos por ser mujer”

    Senior Director of Catalyst Europe AG Allyson Zimmermann interviewed on the state of women in Europe. 

    Cinco Dias, by Manuel G. Pascual

  • Fight for boardroom diversity: Column

    Catalyst Bottom Line cited in article about why corporations should care about board diversity.

    USA Today, by Mark Rogers

  • Yale Management Professor Alleges Age and Gender Discrimination in Suit

    Catalyst Fortune Census data cited in article about Yale business school professor suing for age and gender discrimination. 

    Bloomberg Businessweek, by Erin Zlomek

  • How Women Get Cheated Out of Their Successes

    Catalyst Fortune Census cited in piece about the new book, "The New Soft War on Women."

    The Huffington Post, by Caryl Rivers and Rosalind C. Barnett

  • Has the Workplace Changed for Women Since the '80s?

    Piece detailing a lack of change for women in the workplace since the 1980s cites Catalyst Fortune Census and Hi-Po Canada report.  

    The Huffington Post, by Leah Eichler

  • Why are there no women on Fidelity and FIS boards?

    Catalyst Fortune Census and Bottom Line findings cited in piece on businesses' failure to tap the talents of women. 

    Jacksonville, by Wayne Ezell