Catalyst In the News

  • A female CEO at GM: A sign of change or an anomaly?

    Catalyst Fortune Census and industry pyramids cited in piece on Mary Barra’s ascension to head of GM. 

    Pandagon, by Katherine Reynolds Lewis

  • Women get on board

    FP Census data cited and Executive Director of Catalyst Canada Alex Johnston quoted in piece on the need for more progress on gender board diversity. 

    The Chronicle Herald, by Joann Alberstat

  • Think Gender Struggles In The Workplace Are History? Think Again

    Catalyst Fortune Census cited in piece on women's struggle to ascend to senior leadership roles. 

    WBUR Boston, by Caryl Rivers and Rosalind C. Barnett

  • Unlucky, lazy, or just female? Why there aren’t more women in the top 100

    Canada High-Po report cited in piece on the lack of women in Canada’s top 100 companies. 

    Behind the Numbers: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, by Kate McInturff

  • The Girl Can’t Help It

    Naomi Wolf decodes the Mary Barra coverage; links to Catalyst's CEO List.

    Project Syndicate, by Naomi Wolf

  • Women on boards: it's not a problem of supply but rather of demand

    Executive Director of Catalyst Europe AG Sibylle Rupprecht's piece on women on boards cites Catalyst Fortune Census and other research.  

    The Guardian, by Sibylle Rupprecht

  • Millennial women not advancing in careers due to “unconscious bias”: report

    Canada high-potential research cited in piece on Millennial women's barriers to career advancement. 

    Yahoo! Finance, by Brenda Bouw

  • No Progress for Women in Business says 2013 Census of Fortune 500

    In-depth coverage of Catalyst Fortune Census. 

    Women on Business, by Susan Gunelius

  • Canada’s gender pay gap: Who is to blame?

    Canada high-potential research cited in piece on closing the gender wage gap. 

    Yahoo! Finance, by Brenda Bouw

  • Canada’s executives unconcerned with number of women on boards: report

    The findings of the Gandalf Group’s c-suite study of women executives in Canada with insights by Catalyst Canada Executive Director Alex Johnston. 

    Yahoo! Finance, by Darah Hansen