Catalyst In the News

  • In an interview with People and Management, Shachi Irde, Executive Director of Catalyst India WRC, shared her perspective on gender diversity, the increasing amount of working women in India, and what Indian companies can do to include more women on their boards.

    People and Management

  • Catalyst President and CEO Ilene Lang and Vice President of Global Marketing and Corporate Communications Susan Nierenberg quoted in piece on why Americans still prefer male bosses to female ones. HiPo research cited. 

    CNN, by Kelly Wallace

  • Catalyst Senior Research Associate Anna Beninger quoted in piece arguing that finding a sponsor is important for women’s success in the workplace. Highlights HiPo research findings. 

    Washington Post, by Brigid Schulte

  • Catalyst’s data on Women CEOs of the Fortune 500 cited in piece on women leaders. 

    The Wall Street Journal, by Mara Gay

  • Women in High Tech, Globally Quick Take linked to in piece on sexism in the tech industry.

    Washington Post, by Natalie Jennings

  • Catalyst census cited in piece on Gallup findings, which indicate that both men and women still prefer a male boss over a female one. 

    The Fiscal Times, by Carmel Lobello

  • Catalyst’s Women "Take Care", Men "Take Charge" report cited in article about the leadership expectations of the first U.S. woman President. 

    Huffington Post, by Dr. Peggy Drexler

  • Catalyst Europe AG Advisory Board Member, Herminia Ibarra, Professor of Organizational Behavior, INSEAD, named to The Thinkers50 2013 list. 

    Forbes, by Susan Adams

  • Catalyst research broadly quoted in article arguing that it’s time to address the gender imbalance on boards and in upper management. 

    Scotsman, by Dani Garavelli

  • U.S. Women in Business Pyramid cited in piece on women workers who outearn their male counterparts. 

    AOL Jobs, by Dan Fastenberg