Catalyst In the News

  • Faut-il imposer des quotas de femmes aux conseils d'administration?

    Catalyst report quoted.

    RTS, by Simon Matthey-Doret.

  • Faut-il imposer des quotas de femmes aux conseils d’administration?

    Catalyst research was quoted in a programme on quotas for women on boards. The Swiss station interviewed Sibylle Rupprecht, Executive Director, Catalyst Europe AG. French.

    Radio Télévision Suisse, by Simon Matthey-Doret

  • “John Tory’s Gender Wage Gap Comments Land Him In Hot Water”

    This piece addresses John Tory’s commentary by quoting Alex Johnston, Executive Director of Catalyst Canada, and citing Catalyst’s The Myth of the Ideal Worker: Does Doing All the Right Things Really Get Women Ahead? and High-Potential Employees in the Pipeline: Maximizing the Talent Pool in...

    Yahoo! Canada Finance, by Darah Hansen

  • Black Women in Business: An Update on Progress

    Catalyst data cited in piece on closing racial and ethnic disparities. 

    The Glass Hammer, by Tina Vasquez

  • UNL stands out in Big Ten with 37.5 percent female leadership

    Catalyst CEO list data cited in article about female leadership at Big Ten schools. 

    Daily Nebraskan, by Hannah Eads

  • Women on Boards: Another Year, Another Disappointment

    Catalyst Census cited in piece on the need to make progress in the number of women on boards. 

    Harvard Business Review, by Boris Groysberg and Deborah Bell

  • John Tory says women are paid less because they don’t ask for more

    A front-runner for the Toronto mayoral race says that women are paid less because they don’t ask for more. Catalyst’s Hi-Po in Canada cited.    

    Canada, by Lauren Strapagiel

  • 3 reasons why women might be underrepresented at the Olympics

    Catalyst Bottom Line data and board research cited in piece on why women might be underrepresented at the Olympics. 

    Golden Girl Finance, by Editorial Staff

  • Here’s what to do to keep women working for you

    Former Catalyst CEO Ilene Lang quoted in piece summarizing all that companies can to do retain women. 

    The Washington Post, by Joyce E.A. Russell

  • A Woman's Paradox: The unique challenges facing women who "want it all"

    Infographic about challenges facing today’s working women cites Women CEOS of the Fortune 1000 List and Statistical Overview of Women in the Workplace Quick Take. 

    Great Business Schools, by Editorial Staff