Catalyst In the News

  • Catalyst's Women in Financial Services is cited in this piece about how financial advisors are making a push to get female clients

    WABI TV5, by Allison Arbo

  • Catalyst's Women of Color in Corporate Management: Opportunities and Barriers is mentioned in this piece about the challenges of speaking up at the workplace for women of color.

    Forbes, by Ruchika Tulshyan

  • 2014 Catalyst Census: Women Board Directors and Deborah Gillis, President & Chief Executive Officer, are mentioned in this piece listing the recent trends that have the potential to positively impact women’s representation on corporate boards.

    Forbes, by Bonnie Marcus

  • This piece about the increase of women consumers wielding their purchasing power in sectors beyond food and grocery cites Catalyst's First Step: Women in the World and quotes Shachi Irde, Executive Director, Catalyst India WRC.

    The Times of India, by Namrata Singh & Reeba Zachariah

  • This piece about America's reluctance to implement quotas to increase the presence of women in the boardroom mentions findings from 2014 Catalyst Census: Women Board Directors and Catalyst's Statistical Overview of Women in the Workplace.

    The Washington Post, by Danielle Paquette

  • This article about the controversial issue of egg-freezing for the working women quotes Alex Johnston, Executive Director, Catalyst Canada.

    The Globe and Mail, by Jacqueline Nelson

  • 2013 Catalyst Census: Fortune 500 is mentioned in this article about women's startup accelerator programs aimed to fix Silicon Valley's gender diversity problem.

    Silicon Valley Business Journal, by Jose Fermoso

  • Anna Beninger, Director, Research, is quoted in the mention of the wage gap in this post listing the noteworthy current news items.

    Levo League, by Meredith Lepore

  • Catalyst's High Potentials in Tech-Intensive Industries: The Gender Divide in Business Roles is mentioned in this piece about the gender gap in the high-tech industry.

    Re/code, by Caryl Rivers & Rosalind C. Barnett