Catalyst In the News

  • Canadian Firms Added More Women to Boards in 2013, Catalyst Says

    Financial Post 500 Census cited and Alex Johnston quoted on diversifying boards and what it will take to reach gender parity.

    Bloomberg Businessweek, by Katia Dmitrieva

  • Female Board Representation Inches Up in Canada

    Financial Post 500 Census cited along with a map that illustrates female board representation was highest in Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. 

    Wall Street Journal, by Carolyn King

  • “Canadian Firms Adding More Women to Boards”

    Alex Johnston, Executive Director of Catalyst Canada, emphasizes the progress that Canadian firms have achieved in adding more women to their boards.

    Bloomberg News, by Katia Dmitrieva

  • 16 % de femmes dans les C.A.

    Story on Financial Post 500 Census notes the results in Quebec.

    Jobboom, by Jobboom

  • How Demographics Can Help Women Break the Glass Ceiling

    Women in the World Report cited and Deborah Gillis quoted, on the change of pace for women in leadership roles in the global workplace.

    BBC, by Chelsea Emery

  • Saskatchewan Companies Ahead Of The Curve In Women’s Representation

    This article cites the 2013 Catalyst Census: Financial Post 500 Women Board Directors and quotes Alex Johnston, Executive Director of Catalyst Canada to demonstrate how Saskatchewan has the second highest rate of the representation of women board directors.

    Metro, by Jacob Morgan

  • Female Board Members Boost Perspective, Performance

    Ilene Lang quoted and the Catalyst Fortune Census data cited on how women on boards boost performance and perspective for the companies.

    Credit Union Times, by Missy Baxter

  • Women Still Waiting

    Catalyst’s pyramid on U.S. Women in Business was cited in this piece to illustrate how women continue to struggle to reach critical mass at the top.

    Indystar, by Lisa Kaess

  • Women Need To Set Priorities Right

    This piece cites Catalyst’s High Potential Under High Pressure in India’s Technology Sector report to discuss some of the challenges that Indian women may encounter in the workplace.

    Ciol, by Soma Tah

  • Women Need to Set Career Priorities Right

    Women in India are entering STEM fields but struggling to push past social constraints. Catalyst’s High Potentials Under High Pressure in India’s Technology Sector is cited.

    Ciol, by Soma Tah