Catalyst In the News

  • 60% of Compliance Officers Are Women—and that May Be a Bad Thing

    Deborah Gillis, President & Chief Executive Officer, Catalyst, and Census research cited in this article about women who are compliance officers.

    Quartz, by Shanti Atkins

  • How Much Money Is a Good Leader Really Worth?

    “Executive coach Ray Williams, contends that our image of a good business leader has become dysfunctional.” Bottom Line research cited.

    Entrepreneur, by Rob Reuteman

  • Getting Women On Board: How Can Female Bosses Reach The Top?

    Sibylle Rupprecht, Executive Director of Catalyst Europe, explains the importance of having women on boards in this piece.

    CNN, by Eoghan Macguire

  • Why Corporate Boardrooms Need More Women

    Catalyst’s Fortune 500 Census is cited in this piece on why boardrooms need more women.

    Fast Company, by Barbara B. Kamm

  • A Ban on Bossy — and the Bias Beneath

    Catalyst’s Cascading Gender Biases report mentioned in this piece on the “Ban Bossy” campaign and gender stereotypes.

    Denver Post, by Lisa Wirthman

  • Femmes et C.A. : le Québec en tête

    Alex Johnston, Executive Director, Catalyst Canada, quoted and FP Census cited.

    Workopolis, by Takwa Souissi

  • The Most Important Woman in Sports

    Fortune 500 Census cited in this profile piece about Jeanie Buss, Los Angeles Lakers President.

    Bloomberg View, by Kavitha A. Davidson

  • Role of Women in Finance Evolving Thanks to Pioneers such as Judy Jones

    Catalyst research cited in this profile piece on Judy Jones, a pioneer in the male-dominated industry of finance.

    CantonRep, by Jessica Holbrook

  • Women Learn Man-Speak, Job-Hopper Jumps to Wharton, More: The Week in Business Education

    Catalyst cited when referencing the lack of growth for women on boards and in C-Suite positions.

    Bloomberg Businessweek, by Laura Lorenzetti

  • Men and Women May Not Be the Same, But We Are Close

    Catalyst Australia’s launch is mentioned and Aarti Shyamsunder, Director, Research, Catalyst, is quoted in this piece on how stereotypes make us forget we are more similar than different.

    BRW., by Fiona Smith