Catalyst In the News

  • How One Company Put Women in Charge

    This piece takes an in-depth look at Kimberly-Clark’s Catalyst Award-winning initiative.

    Wall Street Journal, by Sara Murray

  • Here Are All The Quantifiable Reasons You Should Hire More Women

    Catalyst’s Bottom Line research mentioned in piece on new Case for Investing in Women report from the Anita Borg Institute.

    Co.Exist, by Ariel Schwartz

  • HOT JOBS: Moving Up by Moving Over

    This article features interviews with senior leaders from the companies that received the 2014 Catalyst Award. The piece highlights Hot Jobs research, and quotes Laura Sabattini, PhD, Senior Director, Research, and Chair, Catalyst Award Evaluation Committee.

    Diversity Journal, by Women in Leadership

  • How the Vietnam War Made Female CEOs Better Than Men

    Deborah Gillis, President & Chief Executive Officer, Catalyst, quoted in this article about the success of female executives in Vietnam, which may stem in part from skills honed during decades of war that ended with the fall of Saigon in 1975.

    BusinessWeek, by Bloomberg News

  • UC Davis Chancellor to Participate in Prestigious Catalyst Awards Dinner

    UC Davis’ chancellor, Linda P.B. Katehi attended the Catalyst Awards Dinner as a special guest of Deborah Gillis announced in this press release which highlights Catalyst’s history and organization.

    UCDAVIS, by Keith Sterling

  • The Hidden Reason Women Aren't Making It To The Top

    Catalyst mentioned on how unconscious bias in the workplace is a barrier for women.

    Forbes, by Susan Clancy

  • The Surefire Solution for Economic Growth -- Women

    Catalyst Census cited in this article about how getting women involved can create economic growth.

    The Motley Fool, by Jessica Alling

  • 60% of Compliance Officers Are Women—and that May Be a Bad Thing

    Deborah Gillis, President & Chief Executive Officer, Catalyst, and Census research cited in this article about women who are compliance officers.

    Quartz, by Shanti Atkins

  • How Much Money Is a Good Leader Really Worth?

    “Executive coach Ray Williams, contends that our image of a good business leader has become dysfunctional.” Bottom Line research cited.

    Entrepreneur, by Rob Reuteman

  • Getting Women On Board: How Can Female Bosses Reach The Top?

    Sibylle Rupprecht, Executive Director of Catalyst Europe, explains the importance of having women on boards in this piece.

    CNN, by Eoghan Macguire