Catalyst In the News

  • Female trailblazers sometimes carry a double-edged sword for diversity.

    Financial Times, by Sarah Gordon

  • This piece is about retaining women and features comment from Cynthia Emrich, Vice President and Center Leader at the Catalyst Research Center for Career Pathways. It also references data from the Catalyst report, ‘Mind Your Culture Gap To Keep Your Talent. ’ 

    Chicago Tribune, by Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz

  • This article is about a newly available board diversity resource. It quotes Brande Stellings, Vice President of Corporate Board Services at Catalyst, and references data from the 2015 Catalyst Census. 

    Agenda, by Amanda Gerut

  • “…We’ve done diversity the wrong way round, we started with the women,” according to Sandra Ondraschek-Norris, Senior Director with Catalyst…”  

    Women In Leadership, by Angela Mezzetti

  • Young women today don't foresee gender as a barrier for their careers, argues Sandra Ondraschek-Norris.

    LSE Business Review, by Sandra Ondraschek-Norris

  • Another year brings more gains in C&EN’s annual survey of women serving at the top of the chemical industry ladder. In the survey, Catalyst also found that 9.5% of the top earners at S&P 500 firms are women. 

    C&EN, by Alexander H. Tullo

  • The number of women on the boards of the UK’s largest public companies just inched over the 25 per cent mark last year, driven by a voluntary target imposed by Lord Davies of Abersoch and the government-backed review he headed. Since then, however, things appear to be going backwards.

    Financial Times, by Sarah Gordon

  • The glass cliff refers to the tendency for women to be more likely than men to be appointed to leadership positions that are risky and precarious. Catalyst's Anna Beninger is quoted in this piece.

    Forbes, by Karen Higginbottom

  • Women and other minority groups often feel like 'others' in an organization, writes Allyson Zimmermann.

    LSE Business Review, by Allyson Zimmermann

  • It’s no secret that women who work in STEM fields face significant challenges and are severely under-represented, particularly in senior leadership roles.

    Thomson Reuters Foundation, by Allyson Zimmermann