Catalyst In the News

  • Back-to-school worries can stress working parents as well as kids

    Data from Catalyst’s 2006 Parental Concern About After-School Time study is cited in this article about back-to-school worries.

    The Miami Herald, by Cindy Krischer Goodman

  • Only one of Japan’s top executives is female – and she’s not even Japanese

    According to a Bloomberg report, there is only one female top exec in Japan—and she’s a white American living in New York. Catalyst's Women in Management, Global Comparison Quick Take is cited.

    Tech in Asia, by J.T. Quigley

  • Former Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank CEO Sandra Pianalto joins J.M. Smucker's board of directors

    Brande Stellings, JD, Vice President, Corporate Board Services, is quoted in piece about the appointment of a new woman to Smucker’s corporate board.

    Cleveland Plain Dealer, by Janet H. Cho

  • Reintegrating Women Back Into Workplace

    In this piece, Shachi Irde, Executive Director, Catalyst India WRC, explores the concept of reintegrating women back into the workplace.

    People Matters, by Shachi Irde

  • Women Work Well In Groups Unless There's Competition; Men Are Complete Opposite

    A new study discovered that women are creative in collaborative groups, but not when there is competition. This article cites Catalyst’s Earnings and Income Quick Take.

    Medical Daily, by Samantha Olson

  • Only 4 Percent Women Directors In Top Indian Firms: Report

    India is the only developing country to impose a mandatory law on companies to have quotas for women directors. Ilene H. Lang, Senior Advisor, Former President & CEO, is quoted in this piece.

    Silicon India, by Silicon India

  • Five myths about unequal pay

    This piece tackles five myths surrounding unequal pay. Catalyst’s The Myth of the Ideal Worker: Does Doing All the Right Things Really Get Women Ahead? report is cited.

    The Guardian, by Ellie Mae O'Hagan

  • Why the Confidence Chasm? New Study Finds Both Genders Likelier to Try to Cheat Females

    According to new research, both women and men are more likely to cheat a woman who seems less confident. Anna Beninger, Director, Research, is quoted and Catalyst’s census data is cited in this piece.

    California Magazine, by Stacy Finz

  • Women CEOs: A Slow But Steady Upward Trend

    This piece looks at the rise of women CEOs. Catalyst’s Quick Takes data is cited.

    Strategy + Business, by Strategy + Business

  • 6 Steps Corporate America Must Take To Achieve Gender Parity

    This article poses 6 steps to take towards achieving gender parity in the workplace. Catalyst’s The Bottom Line research is cited.

    Forbes, by Kathy Caprino