Catalyst In the News

  • “Even Companies That Sell Tampons Are Run By Men”

    According to this piece, companies that create products for women are still disproportionately led by males. The article includes Catalyst’s U.S. Women in Business pyramid and quotes Deborah Gillis, President and CEO of Catalyst.

    The Huffington Post, by Jill Berman

  • “Why Companies Need To Appoint More Women To Their Board of Directors”

    Brande Stellings, Vice President of Corporate Board Services, Catalyst, is mentioned in this article for her participation in the Spotlight on Women discussion panel.

    Cleveland Plain Dealer, by Janet H. Cho

  • “More Than A Paycheck: New Dads Want Paid Leave To Be Caregivers”

    This piece focuses on paternity leave and quotes Anthony Mitchell, Senior Membership Manager, Catalyst.

    Washington Post, by Brigid Schulte

  • Fortune: Female-Led Businesses Beat the Stock Market, But Their Numbers Remain Low

    This article reflects on the recent Fortune piece, “Women CEOs in the Fortune 1000: By the Numbers,” citing Catalyst’s 2013 Fortune Census and Bottom Line: Corporate Performance and Women's Representation on Boards. It also quotes Ilene Lang, Former President and Chief Executive Officer of...

    TriplePundit, by Andrea Newell

  • Goldman Sachs’ Matsui Challenges ‘Myths’ of Womenomics

    This blog piece describes Kathy Matsui’s challenges of myths about the causes of women’s underrepresentation in Japanese workplaces. Matsui cites Catalyst’s The Bottom Line: Corporate Performance and Women’s Representation on Boards (2004–2008). 

    The Wall Street Journal, by YOKO SUDO

  • It's Time to Fix the Very Pale, Very Male Boardroom

    This article is about the persistent dominance of white men in boardrooms. It quotes Brande Stellings, Vice President, Corporate Board Services, Catalyst, and cites Catalyst’s Advancing Women Leaders: The Connection Between Women Board Directors and Women Corporate Officers.

    New Republic, by Bryce Covert

  • 4 Charts That All Companies Run Entirely by Men Need to See

    This article uses charts created with data from Catalyst’s 2013 Catalyst Census: Fortune 500 to illustrate the positive effects women board members have on companies.

    Policy.Mic, by Chris Walker

  • Barclays Offers ETN Wagering on Corporates with Female Leaders

    This article about a new exchange traded note from Barclays tied to women in leadership positions cites Catalyst’s Women CEOs of the Fortune 1000 and 2013 Catalyst Census: Fortune 500 Women Board Directors

    Bloomberg News, by Margaret Collins

  • Not Just Google And Facebook: America's Boardrooms Are Still Woefully Bereft Of Women

    This article quotes Jan Combopiano, Vice President & Chief Knowledge Officer, Catalyst in its discussion of women's underrepresentation in companies across different industries. It cites data from Gender Map, a data visualization project commissioned by Catalyst. 

    Forbes, by Liyan Chen

  • Women Need Confidence to Succeed In Tough Corporate World

    Citing Catalyst’s The Bottom Line: Corporate Performance and Women’s Representation on Boards (2004–2008), this article describes how in order to increase the amount of women in leadership positions, there must be an investment in the ability for women to communicate with authority and...

    The Australian, by Andrea Clarke