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  • In terms of gender diversity, women currently hold 4.4% of chief executive positions at Standard & Poor 500 companies according to 2015 research by Catalyst. The situation is even more dire for African-Americans, with only five occupying the role of CEO in Fortune 500 firms. There has been relatively little progress for Hispanics in terms of board appointments.

    Forbes, by Karen Higginbottom

  • This blog on busting myths and solutions was written by Catalyst's Allyson Zimmermann and entitled, "Tracking the Pesky Myths that Blame Women for the Glass Ceiling."

    LSE Business Review, by Allyson Zimmerman

  • Across the globe, LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) communities experience alienation, exclusion and discrimination on a daily basis and the workplace is no exception.

    Huffington Post, by Allyson Zimmermann, Executive Director, Catalyst Europe

  • There is a ‘zero-sum-game’ mentality that is prevalent in men’s attitudes to women’s advancement at work (if she advances, it hurts me) as well as feelings of apathy (it’s not relevant to me) and fear.

    Huffington Post, by Allyson Zimmermann, Executive Director, Catalyst Europe

  • In choosing South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley to be his ambassador to the United Nations, President-elect Donald Trump is taking a page from history. The UN ambassador slot ranks among the top cabinet or cabinet-level jobs that have been held most often by women.

    Fortune, by Laura Cohn

  • This piece is about the 2016 U.S. election and references research from the Catalyst report, The Day-to-Day of Experiences of Workplace Inclusion and Exclusion, stating that although the report is about inclusion in the workplace, the findings are relevant everywhere. It also features commentary from Dnika Travis, PhD, Vice President, Women of Color Research & Center Leader, Catalyst Research Center for Corporate Practice. 

    Fortune, by Ellen McGirt

  • It’s key that women do not fall into the trap of the ‘good student syndrome.' It’s not enough to sit at your desk, keep your head down and work hard. To negotiate the best deal, women need to make sure their accomplishments are known, ensure they seize opportunities and find ‘sponsors.’


  • This blog post highlights five of the biggest stories about women in STEM for 2016. The second story on the list is based on Catalyst’s research, stating that “women are twice as likely as men to be selected for tenure-track jobs in STEM.”

  • This op-ed shares how male privilege remains rooted in the workplace . It offers actionable solutions that men can take in order to act as advocates, supporting the advancements of women.

    LSE Business Review, by Op-ed by Allyson Zimmerman, Executive Director, Catalyst Europe

  • In this piece is about resilience within the workforce, specifically pertaining to women of color. The author highlights data from the Catalyst report, Women of Color Executives: Their Voices, Their Journeys.

    Forbes, by Ruchika Tulshyan