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Ilene H. Lang, President of Catalyst, Honored as a Woman Worth Watching in 2006

Ilene H. Lang, president of Catalyst, has been named one of Profiles in Diversity Journal’s “Women Worth Watching 2006.”
     The list, released in the magazine’s January edition, features personal stories from 77 executive women—as well as mentoring advice that they would offer those aspiring to become tomorrow’s leaders—told in their own words and exemplifying their unique career paths and personal interests.
     "I feel very honored to be selected among this highly accomplished and motivated group of leaders,” said Lang. “Individually and together, I hope that we can support and encourage women in their career aspirations and inspire them to place no limits on where their skills and energy can take them.”

The 2006 honorees include:


Valencia I. Adams
Evelyn Angelle
Mary Atkin
Susan E. Baumgarten
Jean Blackwell
Lori L. Bossmann
Karen Bowman
Catherine S. Brune
Michele Buck
Marcia L. Bullard
Judith E. Campbell
Ria Marie Carlson
Karen L. Carnahan
Katherine Linder
Cathy Lyons
Janet Marzett
Margaret G. McGlynn
Tsion M. Messick
Pamela T. Miller
Ana Mollinedo Mims
Sylvia M. Montero
Maritza Gomez Montiel
Phyllis Golden Morey
Maria R. Morris
Tiffany P. Olson
Larree M. Renda
Deborah Stewart Coleman
Chris Cortez
Barbara R. Cowden
Maria Coyne
Karel K. Czanderna
Nance K. Dicciani
Dana Drago
Anne Erni
Kathleen M. Gainey
Laurene Gallo
Mary Anne Gibbons
Kimberly S. Gray
Cathy D. Green
Sandra L. Hanington
Katherine J. Harless
Glenda A. Hatchett
Kathy J. Herbert
Marillyn A. Hewson
Kathryn Hill
Linda P. Hudson
Denise Kaigler
Carolyn L. Kolesar
Marise Fernandes Kumar
Ilene H. Lang
Sheila Lau
Duy-Loan T. Le
Karen S. Rohan
Ann E. Rondeau
Alice Rosenblatt
D’Arcy Foster Rudnay
Susan E. Sheskey
Leslie R. Sibert
Tina M. Sivinski
Launi D. Skinner
Karin Stone
Janice D. Stoney
Dawn Sweeney
Marilyn B. Tavenner
Karen D. Taylor
Jean Thomas
Janice M. Tomlinson
Michele P. Toth
Debra A. Valentine
Kim E. VanGelder
Lora J. Villarreal
Jacqui D. Vines
Debra K. Walker
Catherine West
Teresa L. White
Paula J. Zusi
Rhonda Zygocki

Included in this special section was a foreword from Catalyst, highlighting Catalyst research which confirms that companies recruiting, retaining, and advancing women will have a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. According to Catalyst research, not only did companies with the highest representation of women on their top management teams have better financial performance than companies with the lowest women’s representation, companies with the highest women’s representation on their top management teams experienced a higher Return on Equity (35.1 percent) and Total Return to Shareholders (34 percent) than companies with the lowest women’s representation. Notably, Catalyst Award-winning companies financially outperformed the 339 other companies in the sampling. 

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About Catalyst
Catalyst is the leading research and advisory services organization working with businesses and the professions to build inclusive environments and expand opportunities for women at work. As an independent, nonprofit membership organization, it conducts research on all aspects of women’s career advancement and provides strategic and web-based consulting services globally. With the support and confidence of member corporations and firms, Catalyst remains connected to business and its changing needs. In addition, Catalyst honors exemplary business initiatives that promote women’s leadership with the annual Catalyst Award. With offices in New York, San Jose, and Toronto, Catalyst is consistently ranked No. 1 among U.S. nonprofits focused on women’s issues by The American Institute of Philanthropy.