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Catalyst Releases Guide to Creating an Inclusive Work Environment for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) Employees

Catalyst today released its latest research, Making Change: LGBT Inclusion–Implementing Policies, Programs, and Practices, the second in its landmark Making Change series on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) employees in the workplace. This guide offers specific insights and strategies about how organizations can address the challenges faced by LGBT employees at work. These challenges, along with the components of the business case for LGBT inclusion, were highlighted in the first of the series, Making Change: LGBT Inclusion–Understanding the Challenges.

By recognizing the issues facing the LGBT community and addressing the barriers confronting LGBT women who must deal with “double-outsider status” based both on gender and sexual orientation, this series represents the next step in Catalyst’s efforts to help organizations foster a work environment inclusive to all women.

This research is designed for human resources and diversity practitioners at organizations that are either starting an initiative from scratch or expanding an existing initiative. “It stresses the importance of accurately communicating that the term ‘LGBT’ refers to a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity, and mode of gender expression,” said Dr. Nancy M. Carter, Vice President of Research at Catalyst. “LGBT does not refer to an individual’s sexual behavior or activities.”

The guide provides action-oriented strategies and operational “how to’s”, such as:

  • Processes for setting the stage and laying the foundation for an LGBT-inclusive culture.
  • Ways to engage both women and men in LGBT initiatives.
  • Suggestions as to how to involve the larger community in order to sustain the LGBT initiative, and ways to measure progress.
  • Examples of best LGBT practices at companies and firms, as well as commonly asked questions about LGBT inclusion, are included in order to complement the action steps outlined in the research.

For more information about this study, which is sponsored by Raytheon Company, contact Serena Fong at 646-388-7757, [email protected].

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