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Catalyst Partners With Canadian Government on Advisory Council for Promoting Women on Boards

Toronto (April 5, 2013)Catalyst is pleased to be part of the Government of Canada Advisory Council for Promoting Women on Boards.

“The evidence is clear—having more women on corporate boards is good for business and good for the economy,” said Minister Ambrose. “Our government's number one priority is the economy. I am so pleased to partner with Catalyst on this advisory council which will bring forward targeted, action-oriented recommendations to increase the participation of women on corporate boards.”

 “Canada needs to stay competitive in a global economy,” said Alex Johnston, Executive Director of Catalyst Canada. “Currently, we are falling behind as other countries are moving ahead to increase the number of women on boards.”

According to Catalyst research, there is a strong case for increasing women’s representation in business leadership—specifically, better financial outcomes, on average, and innovation that is, in part, driven by gender-diverse leadership. Concisely speaking: what is good for women is good for men, business, communities, and the economy.

In 2012, Catalyst launched the Catalyst Accord asking Financial Post 500 CEOs to make a voluntary commitment to raise the overall proportion of board seats held by women in Canada to 25% by 2017.

Catalyst strongly supports this federal initiative to increase the representation of women on boards.

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