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Catalyst Canada Applauds Canadian Government’s Action Plan to Increase Women on Corporate Boards

The federal plan aligns with goals set in The Catalyst Accord.

TORONTO (JUNE 26, 2014)—Today, Catalyst Canada congratulated the Government of Canada on its newly released action plan to increase the representation of women on public and private boards in Canada. Alex Johnston, Executive Director, Catalyst Canada, stood alongside other members of the Federal Advisory Committee for Women on Boards as the Honourable Dr. K. Kellie Leitch, Minister of Labour and Minister of Status of Women, released the plan. “Good for Business: A Plan to Promote More Women on Canadian Boards” outlines a number of best practices to advance women to boards, and recommends that companies aim to have 30% of board seats filled by women within five years, with a longer-term goal of gender balance on boards.

“This plan, combined with the recent recommendations of the Ontario Securities Commission regarding disclosure of women on boards and in senior management, will help drive this important conversation into boardrooms and executive committees across the country,” said Ms. Johnston. “As companies compete around the world for market share, ideas, and talent, it has never been more evident that women leaders are essential to business success. We commend Minister Leitch for her leadership and action plan.”

“Our Government believes in increasing opportunities for women throughout Canada’s economy, from skilled trades to corporate boards. That’s why we are playing a leadership role and promoting the business case for increasing the number of women serving on corporate boards across the country. It simply makes good business sense for Canadian women, and for Canada’s economy,” said Minister Leitch.

The federal plan complements the goals set out in The Catalyst Accord, which calls on Canadian companies to increase the overall proportion of FP500 board seats held by women to 25% by 2017. The list of Catalyst Accord signatories has grown to include 26 leading corporations.

Alex Johnston and other members of Catalyst Canada are available to further comment on “Good for Business: A Plan to Promote More Women on Canadian Boards.”

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