Leading With Inclusion

Crafting Your Leadership Style Through Inclusive Leadership

Your organization’s competitiveness depends on its ability to create an inclusive workplace that fully leverages the talents of your diverse workforce. Yet many organizations struggle with this because their leaders don’t understand how to build and sustain an inclusive workplace. When investments are made to develop the needed leadership skills, they often focus on senior leaders. But to be truly successful, inclusive leadership training is needed at all levels.

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Leading With Inclusion

The Leading With Inclusion suite of leadership development solutions empowers women and men leaders with the critical knowledge and skills they need to build more inclusive workplaces, manage diverse teams, and serve diverse clients and customers. It is a compelling opportunity for talent development that will:

  • Equip your emerging leaders and middle management with the knowledge and skills to “make good” on the business-critical goals of leveraging diversity and inclusion.

  • Help emerging leaders begin to hone and practice the strong change leadership skills they will need to be successful as senior diversity and inclusion champions and as leaders of organizations that must be increasingly adaptive to meet the challenges of the global marketplace.

Bringing together the expertise and research of Catalyst with the instructional design and consultative expertise of BlessingWhite, Leading With Inclusion is a positive, research-based approach to developing leaders who can effectively leverage the benefits of a diverse workforce.

Catalyst’s research demonstrates that organizations that build inclusive leaders increase innovation, return on equity, engagement levels, and productivity.

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The Suite

Leading With Inclusion consists of one introductory module plus 5 topic-specific modules that can be deployed as stand-alone solutions or as components in your own personalized Inclusive Leadership suite.


Learning Objectives

Inclusive Leadership: Crafting Your Leadership Style

2 hour; VILT
Participants will learn the meaning and impact of inclusion, and work to explore their own assumptions and unconscious biases. They will work to apply strategies to be more inclusive in their leadership approach.

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Building Inclusive Teams: Maximizing the Contribution of Your People

4 hour; ILT
Participants will explore their current teams’ composition and work with strategies to leverage diversity to achieve a competitive advantage. They will practice common management skills and inclusive leadership strategies to maximize the contribution of their diverse team

Leveraging Differences: Increasing Innovation Through Intentional Inclusion

4 hour; ILT
Participants will explore ways to deliberately create environments conducive for maximum innovation. They will practice actions they can take to use differences to foster creative problem solving.

Communicating Inclusively: Increasing the Engagement of Diverse Employees

4 hour; ILT
Participants will increase their communication ability, applying strategies to their inclusive leadership approach. They will explore their own communication tendencies as well as the nuanced differences of those on their team.

Developing Careers: Advocating for Your Team

2 hour; VILT
Participants will learn strategies to advance their team members' careers through mentorship, networking, and advocacy. They will reflect on their own values, culture, and diversity and look for ways to leverage the uniqueness of their team members to maximize their impact in the organization.

Making Your Leadership Stand Out: Influencing Inclusion Across the Enterprise

4 hour; ILT
Participants will identify ways they can influence others towards greater levels of inclusion. They will work with change management frameworks, and apply strategies to engage others.


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