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Webinar Recording: Day-to-Day Experiences of Workplace Inclusion and Exclusion - Part I

How do you define inclusion? Can you recall particular experiences at work when you felt included? Based on those, can you now describe what inclusion looks like?

Now think about instances when you felt excluded. How would you describe those experiences? Perhaps you’re able to recall a specific story, image, or interaction that signaled exclusion. Chances are you’ll remember feelings of exclusion more vividly than those of inclusion. 

Yet, Catalyst’s new research shows that employees’ day-to-day experiences of inclusion and exclusion happen at the same time. This presents a dilemma for leaders. We must equip leaders with the skills, resources, and tools to manage the coexistence of inclusion and exclusion.

Listen to this webinar recording as we reveal findings that distinguish the most inclusive workplaces from those that fall short of this ideal. Our discussion will paint a vivid picture of the work culture that organizations should strive for.