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Vital Signs: Using Your Data to Close the Gaps

Reports and numbers alone don’t generate change or provide you with the insights that have impact. Identifying gaps and pinpointing areas of opportunity are critical to maximizing the potential of your entire workforce. This tool uses a step-by-step, guided approach to show you how to apply a diversity lens to your workforce data, focusing on five fundamental metrics:

  • Representation: Where are the representation gaps in your pipeline? Where and why do any fall offs in representation start?

  • Hiring: Are you hiring women and diverse employees into both entry-level and experienced roles?

  • Turnover: Are men and women of all backgrounds leaving your organization at comparable rates? If not, why are there differences and where are they going?

  • Promotions: Are some employees being promoted at a faster rate than others? Are they being sponsored or groomed differently?

  • Time in Position: Are some talented employees sitting longer in a role before they are recognized for promotion than others?

Each metric has been deconstructed to include calculations, examples from our consulting experience, graphics, and questions helpful for assessing workforce gaps and successes. At the end, you’ll learn how to combine the metrics in one effective visual display.

The accompanying tool, Vital Signs: Using Your Data to Close the Gaps—Figures and Tables, allows you to customize our charts with your organization’s data.