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Unilever—MAPS (Maternity and Paternity Support)

In 2013, Unilever examined its retention data and found that there was a disproportionate number of women exiting. Concerned about why women were leaving at such high rates, the company’s senior leadership conducted an in-depth survey of women globally and found that women were not returning from maternity leave, or not staying at the organization for an extended time upon their return. Women reported inconsistent transition experiences that were often influenced by their line managers’ attitudes and behaviors. Unilever leaders realized that addressing these issues was critical to achieving a fully inclusive work environment. Thus, in partnership with Talking Talent, a prestigious innovative coaching consultancy, Unilever developed the MAPS (Maternity and Paternity Support) initiative, a multi-level support platform to help new and expecting parents manage a smooth transition to parenthood.

Click here for a short video showing MAPS' launch in Portugal (courtesy of Unilever).