Sponsors are advocates in positions of authority who use their influence intentionally to help others advance, while mentors provide advice, feedback, and coaching. Both are important to advancement as employees navigate the workplace and earn opportunities for growth.

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    #NationalMentoringMonth: Key Elements to a Successful Mentor Relationship

    Despite the fact that National Mentoring Month is only recognized in the United States, there are several positive examples of mentor relationships across the world. In this installment of our National Mentoring Month series Manvi Pant, a CRM professional at A.T. Kearney in India, shares how she...

    January 29, 2016 by Manvi Pant

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    My Friend, My Mentor: The Benefits of Peer Mentoring in the Workplace

    I am one of the lucky few to have a best friend at work. My co-worker, and yes, best friend, and I have been able to develop our careers due to each other’s support, guidance, and mentorship.

    Of course not everyone has a best friend on the job, but there are extensive benefits to having a peer...

    January 12, 2016 by Tory Paez

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    #NationalMentoringMonth: Women of the Dream Founder Leslie Morris Talks About the Importance of Mentoring

    Imagine coming of age as a woman in a crime-ridden, impoverished environment with little to no resources or guidance. The odds are stacked against you, and there are few individuals to look up to who have overcome them. For young girls in Camden, New Jersey this is daily life. In 2012, Camden had...

    January 7, 2016 by Catalyst

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    Catalyst Connects: San Francisco

    No matter where you are on your career path, whether starting out or reaching for the top of the ladder, you know that having role models and access to networking opportunities helps with career advancement. Join us for a unique opportunity to hear from two talented leaders at different vantage...

    Date & Time:

    28 January 2016

    8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. PT


    San Francisco

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    Five Lessons I Hope Mark Zuckerberg Teaches His Daughter

    The media, companies, and employees across the nation have applauded Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement that he will take two months of paternity leave following the birth of his daughter. Greater involvement of fathers is imperative for the growth of children and families. His public decision...

    December 21, 2015 by Tory Paez

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    Global Women's Leadership Summit: Mentoring and Sponsorship

    Mentoring—Necessary But Insufficient for Advancement How to Use Sponsorship for Real Progress 

    Have you identified the difference between a coach, mentor, and sponsor in your career? Catalyst research has found that while mentoring is essential to leadership development, it is not enough to...

    Date & Time:

    28 October 2015

    10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.


    Virtual Event

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    Why Helping Women Become Financially Savvy Is My Life’s Work

    You can’t be what you can’t see. It’s that simple.

    When I was in college, my father fell into a coma, suddenly leaving my mother to manage our family's finances alone. Lacking experience in this area, Mom was completely overwhelmed. I watched her struggle to find an advisor she could trust....

    August 20, 2015 by Elle Kaplan

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    Three Lessons From Three Years at Catalyst

    After three years of working at Catalyst, I’ve learned a lot about women in the workplace.

    My peers, especially other young women I know who are just starting out in their careers, are often surprised at the barriers they face or have seen other women face at work. These obstacles are especially...

    July 30, 2015 by Kerry Goodenow