Organizational Change

Organizational change refers to strategies for change management and the means by which organizations can most effectively implement and sustain efforts to create inclusive workplaces. The most effective environment is one where all employees are welcomed, valued, and respected.

  • How to Combat Unconscious Bias as an Individual

    Use this infographic to help combat unconscious bias in the workplace.

    Region: Global

  • The 5 hidden benefits of a diverse legal team

    The Bottom Line: Corporate Performance and Women's Representation on Boards is mentioned in this piece listing 5 hidden benefits of a diverse team in corporate law departments.

    Inside Counsel, by Kellie Lerner & Stacey P. Slaughter

  • All For Fair Play

    Tanmatra, a women's leadership development program in India to be launched by IBM, IIM-B, and Catalyst, is mentioned in this piece about Indian companies trying to hire more women as more and more studies show that women improve an organization's performance.

    Businessworld India, by Poonam Kumar

  • Tool
    Infographic: Women On Board: A Catalyst Initiative

    Women On Board is a Catalyst initiative that promotes the appointment of women to corporate boards by pairing candidates with mentors and champions.

    Date: November 10, 2014
    Region: Canada
  • President Obama did not insult SAHMs

    Catalyst's Working Parents is cited in this post about President Obama's comments about working mothers returning to the workforce.

    BabyCenter, by Joey Lombardi

  • Aufstieg: Männer stehen den Frauen im Weg

    This piece quotes Sandra Ondraschek-Norris, Director, Catalyst Europe AG, and mentions MARC (Men Advocating Real Change) and Catalyst's High Potentials in Tech- Intensive Industries: The Gender Divide in Business Roles


  • Companies go all out to win women over at work

    Shachi Irde, Executive Director, Catalyst India WRC, is quoted in this article about the various woman-centric policies that companies in India are implementing to help attract and retain talent.

    The Times of India, by Namrata Singh

  • Four Tools for Creating a Gender-Diverse Practice

    Sylvia Apostolidis, Senior Director and Consultant, Global Member Services, writes about ways wealth management leaders can become inclusive employers.

    Financial Advisor IQ, by Sylvia Apostolidis