Engaging Men

Gender equality is not just a women’s issue—men also lose out when workplaces are gender-biased. Catalyst’s ground-breaking research on men offers unique insights about men’s career experiences, how to engage them as full partners in creating gender-inclusive workplaces, and solutions rooted in a holistic understanding of how gender affects men’s and women’s behaviors and outcomes in the workplace.

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    C This

    Check out the latest buzz surrounding Men Advocating Real Change, plus new Catalyst research on Canadian capital markets and the benefits of paying it forward to the next generation of up-and-coming leaders. What well-worn myths did we bust this time? Find out below.


    Tipping the Scales for...

    June 28, 2012 by Ilene H. Lang

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    Why We Need to Bust the Myth of Meritocracy

    One by one, myths about women’s abilities and aspirations in the workplace have fallen by the wayside. Jeanine Prime, PhD, Vice President, Research, now busts one more. Sparked by a surprising comment made at a public forum, and informed by the findings of a recent Catalyst study, Jeanine...

    July 19, 2012 by Jeanine Prime, PhD

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    A Critical Mass

    The challenges women face in the workplace—gender stereotypes, unintended biases, sexism, and more—can’t be solved by women alone. That’s why Catalyst created MARC: Men Advocating Real Change.

    MARC is an online community created for men committed to achieving equality in the workplace....

    October 8, 2012 by Ilene H. Lang

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    Take 5: Pay Gap

    When women are paid less—just because they are women—the implication is that they are worth less. This is why closing the gender pay gap is among the most important fronts in our fight for equality in the workplace and beyond.

    But we can’t fix what we can’t see. Today’s Take 5 highlight...

    October 10, 2012 by Ilene H. Lang

  • NEW YORK–Can training really make corporate cultures dominated by white men more inclusive? For years, critics have debated its impact, but a new Catalyst study with employees of the global engineering company Rockwell Automation, Calling All White Men: Can Training Help Create Inclusive...

    Date: 2012