Corporate Governance

Leadership at the top of corporations shapes companies, communities, and societies. A gender-diverse board of directors and senior leadership team (C-suite) will help corporations lead and manage sustainable, effective business strategies, role model employee opportunities, and enhance their reputation.

  • How to Get Disruptive Innovation at its Best

    Catalyst's Women in Financial Services is cited in this piece about diversifying boards of financial insitutions.

    American Banker, by Susan Stautberg

  • How one woman landed her first board seat in the Fortune 500

    Data from Catalyst's The Bottom Line: Corporate Performance and Women’s Representation on Boards and Why Diverssity Matters are mentioned in this piece about Gerri Elliott from Juniper Networks.

    Fortune, by Michael V. Copeland & Danielle Lussier

  • Wall Street Women Seen Paid Less Than Men as Bias Endures

    In this article about the persistence of gender bias for financial services industries, data from Catalyst's 2013 Catalyst Census: Fortune 500 Women Executive Officers and Top Earners is mentioned.

    Bloomberg, by Madeline McMahon

  • Meet America's Most Powerful Women In Business

    Catalyst's 2013 Catalyst Census: Fortune 500 is mentioned in this piece about  Fortune's annual Most Powerful Women in Business list.

    Business Insider, by Drake Baer

  • Why Aren't More Women Landing Board Seats?

    Abercrombie and Fitch recently nominated four new independent director candidates to the company's board; all of whom are women. Both Catalyst's Women on Boards Quick Take and The Bottom Line research is cited.

    Huffington Post, by Rebecca Shambaugh

  • Former Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank CEO Sandra Pianalto joins J.M. Smucker's board of directors

    Brande Stellings, JD, Vice President, Corporate Board Services, is quoted in piece about the appointment of a new woman to Smucker’s corporate board.

    Cleveland Plain Dealer, by Janet H. Cho

  • Tool
    Increasing Gender Diversity on Boards: Current Index of Formal Approaches

    Find out which countries have legislation, regulation, and voluntary efforts in place to increase gender diversity on corporate boards.

    Date: August 8, 2014
    Region: Global
  • Why some feminists say women bosses are just 'a decoy'

    Catalyst's research about women on boards is cited in this article against the significance of having gender parity on corporate boards.

    BBC, by Faarea Masud

  • Women’s fund seeks share of prosperity for female-focused firms

    Brande Stellings, JD, Vice President, Corporate Board Services, was featured on PBS NewsHour's report on Sallie Krawcheck’s new mutual fund.

    PBS, by PBS