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Supporting LGBT Inclusion: A How-To Guide for Organizations and Individuals

Creating and maintaining LGBT-inclusive workplaces takes concerted efforts and sincere commitment from both organizations and individuals. However, research shows that the awareness, knowledge, and skills necessary to foster LGBT inclusion in the workplace is lacking. This guide is designed to support those who are ready to develop successful initiatives. It provides self-assessment questions and actionable strategies for organizations and individuals. Links embedded in the text connect to resources on the Catalyst website. This tool serves as guide for acting upon the findings in the research report entitled Building LGBT-Inclusive Workplaces: Engaging Organizations and Individuals in Change.

Human resources professionals, diversity and inclusion practitioners, and members of diversity councils will find the first section on organizational assessments particularly relevant. Guidance for senior leaders and managers is in the second section. Employees at all levels can learn how to support LGBT inclusion in their workplaces in the third section. The fourth section contains a selection of Catalyst resources on LGBT inclusion.