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  • There are 2,508,101 people in the United States who are Native American/Alaska Native (American Indian and Alaska Native alone, in the U.S. Census).1

  • For the 98,892 people who identified themselves as Alaskan Native alone and who are a member of one tribe, 28,927 consider themselves Yup’ik.2

Labor Force

  • Native Americans and Alaska Natives had the lowest labor force participation rates in 2011 across race and ethnic groups (59.2%),  Native American/Alaska Native women had only a 53.2% labor force participation rate.3

Educational Achievement

  Native American/Alaska Native women Native American/Alaska Native men
Bachelor’s degrees conferred in 2010-20114 7,135 (0.42% of all bachelor's degrees conferred) 4,798 (0.28% of all bachelor's degrees conferred)
Master’s degrees conferred in 2010-20115  2,539 (0.35% of all master's degrees conferred) 1,409 (0.20% of all master's degrees conferred)
Doctor's degrees conferred in 2010-20116 493 (0.30% of all doctor's degrees conferred) 454 (0.28% of all doctor's degrees conferred)


Buying Power

  • Native Americans’ buying power will increase from $40 billion in 2000 to $103 billion in 2012, an increase of 156%, which is significantly higher than the 60% growth rate for Whites.7