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HCL Technologies—Employees First: A Philosophy for Workplace Transformation

HCL Technologies (HCLT), a leading global IT services company headquartered in India, is a client-driven business. As such, it is imperative for the company to optimize and enhance employee-customer relationships. HCLT believes that the most reliable way to create customer value is by ensuring that employees are engaged, enabled, and empowered to do their best. Since customers derive value from the employees who are delivering services to them, it is important for HCLT to establish an uncontested market niche for itself by focusing on internal transformation. To this end, HCLT works to foster a supportive workplace culture that provides its employees with the encouragement, skills, tools, and training they need to create the desired value for the company and its clients. HCLT’s “Employees First, Customers Second” (EFCS) approach grew out of this effort.