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GE Capital EMEA—Building a Pipeline of Women: Investing Within, Connecting Out

GE’s diversity and inclusion strategy is centered on the notion that diversity is not solely a human resources issue—it is a business issue. Building upon GE’s long history of inclusion, GE Capital in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) is focused on developing a strong pipeline of talented women. The strategy is based around three key pillars: an internal pipeline, through which GE develops and retains existing diverse talent; a strong network of external connections to potentially recruit; and a positive community profile, which raises a broader awareness in localities that GE Capital is an employer committed to supporting and nurturing diverse talent.

Recognizing the benefits that a business can gain from a strong base of employees, the company has committed itself to actively investing in the professional future of high-performing women across all career levels. Through internal training and development programs as well as community outreach initiatives, the company endeavors to attract, develop, and retain top women talent throughout the industry.