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ERLI: 2015 Conference Workbook

ERLI 2015: Igniting Inclusion Through ERGs brought together experts, business leaders, advisors, and other ERG leaders across companies to share knowledge, network, and participate in workshop sessions that provided new ideas and tangible solutions to ignite inclusion throughout organizations via ERGs. ERLI 2015 is part of Catalyst’s Employee Resource Leadership Initiative; learn more here. The sessions featured strategies for enhancing your ERG’s impact on business and inclusion in the workplace:

  • ERG impact sessions on business alignment, building organizational support, and measuring success for your ERG.

  • Leadership development on what inclusive leadership is and how to amplify inclusive behaviors through ERGs.

  • Findings and discussion on active research on ERG impact for members and organizations (click here to take our survey!)

  • Networking and best practice sharing with best in class ERG leaders.

View the retrospective of ERLI 2015 held in Toronto on May 4-5, 2015.

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