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Catalyst Japan Solutions Summit Workbook 2016

In truly inclusive organizations, diverse groups of individuals contribute fully, grow meaningfully, and feel a strong sense of belongingness to the organization. Companies that emphasize organizational inclusion in their strategic initiatives can unlock innovation and improve business outcomes. On June 28, 2016 Catalyst held its first business conference in Japan, Beyond Women’s Advancement: Diversity and Inclusion as a Business Strategy—Solutions Summit Featuring the Catalyst Award.

Conference highlights include:

  • Erin Nolan, Representative Director of Gap Japan K.K., discusses effective inclusion strategy, detailing the 2016 Catalyst Award-winning initiative from Gap Inc., Women and Opportunity.

  • Tamaki Sato, Editor of Working Woman's section, Nikkei, and Deborah Gillis, President & CEO, Catalyst, converse on issues faced by companies in Japan today and key learnings from breakthrough case studies.

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