Intern: Communications

Internship at Catalyst, Inc.

Catalyst is looking for an undergraduate student seeking credit for an unpaid internship to work in its Communications Department.

About Catalyst

Founded in 1962, Catalyst is the leading nonprofit membership organization expanding opportunities for women and business. With offices in the United States, Canada, Europe, and India, and more than 600 members, Catalyst is the trusted resource for research, information, and advice about women at work. Catalyst annually honors exemplary organizational initiatives that promote women’s advancement with the Catalyst Award.

Job Description

Interns who work for Catalyst’s Communications Department will gain valuable experience through a variety of tasks relevant to today’s media professional, including:

  • Tracking, recording, and evaluating Catalyst media hits.
  • Learning media personnel needs and communication styles.
  • Participating in interviews with Catalyst researchers.
  • Managing contacts database.
  • Developing study key messaging and Q&A materials.
  • Reporting Catalyst’s news and impact.
  • Developing writing skills.
  • Planning and coordinating speaking engagements.
  • Contacting media personnel to highlight Catalyst research.
  • Learning about research regarding diversity, gender, and workplace.
  • Interns will work directly with the Vice President of Global Communication, who will supervise, train, and observe their work efforts and tasks.


This internship is a part-time, for-credit internship, requiring approximately 25-30 hours per week. Ideally, we are seeking an intern who can commit to four days a week (Monday- Thursday), but we are also open to a three days per week schedule. The internship will begin on June 3, 2013. The end date is flexible based on the intern’s schedule.


Interns are required to have knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word and Excel), strong communications skills, and proficient writing/social media skills. This internship is unpaid and open only to students seeking academic credit for an internship.

Application Instructions

If you are interested in this internship, please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]. In the cover letter, please address the following topics: (1) Why you want to work for Catalyst; (2) What you would like to work on/what you expect from the internship; (3) What unique skills and abilities you could bring to the role; and (4) Offer a proposed work schedule.