Implementation Advice and Workshops

Create an Effective Plan

Many clients find themselves with legacy initiatives that once were helpful but are now out of line with their current business strategies and operations. And others, realizing the extent of new investments or rollouts, want to ensure that optimal supports are in place for success.

Diversity and inclusion is a strategic imperative at Broadridge. We have made great strides with our Women's Leadership Forum and we’re excited about our future plans. The insight provided by Catalyst has been valuable and has helped to accelerate our progress and results.
—Frieda Lewis, Managing Director, Broadridge Financial Solutions

Once organizations have determined what needs to be done, we can help guide them as to how to best implement their strategies and achieve their goals. Our areas of expertise include change management and human capital processes and programs. We can help those responsible for implementation: we share lessons learned from other successful companies, guide them through the key decisions they must make and their implications, identify critical success factors, and act as an expert sounding board. We can also develop workshops to educate your people about strategic changes and equip them to excel in their evolving roles.


A multinational high-tech company wanted to benefit from its employee resource groups (ERGs), which had developed organically and lacked a unifying global framework. Catalyst spent time with the company reviewing both successes and challenges, and developed appropriate objectives for the ERGs. Catalyst also helped the organization determine how to allocate authority and responsibilities, both globally and locally, in a way that empowered employees to make a difference while supporting larger business strategies and goals.


Understanding the importance of local ownership, the company provides annual areas of focus for its ERGs while encouraging regional offices to determine which activities best support their particular concerns. The organization also streamlined its investment in its ERGs by by assessing current budgetary allocations (for partnerships, associations, event fees, etc.), as well as equitable fixed sums for regional ERGs to spend however they determined would have a specific measurable impact in the region. And finally, after careful review of award-winning practices and other business operations that were internally successful, the client appointed a senior leader to oversee this effort globally. This leader increases the benefit of the ERGs to the business by providing them with direction, monitoring their activities, measuring progress, and sharing successes among ERGs.