Director Profile

Georgette Habib

Independent Energy Regulatory Advisor

Board Value Proposition: 

Energy and Utilities Regulation Expertise

  • Extensive experience in regulation of energy and utilities industries. As former board member of the National Energy Board (the NEB), had responsibility for adjudication and governance, including setting strategic direction.  A seasoned regulator who effectively shaped the regulatory framework for pipelines and other midstream-industry oil and gas activities in Canada’s north, as well as LNG exports.
  • In-depth knowledge of energy-related laws and regulations and general business law.   
  • Founding member of committee of energy regulators across Canada to share best practices.

Strong Knowledge of Good Governance Practice and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • A member of an expert panel that reviewed certain Alberta Government agencies related to energy and environment. The review focused on governance structure, succession planning, director appointment process, President/CEO assessment and remuneration processes, risk management strategies, and conflict of interest policies.
  • Promoted CSR by integrating economic, social, and environmental considerations in decision-making, taking into account a wide array of viewpoints and perspectives, including aboriginal concerns. Set expectations for the industry, with an emphasis on corporate safety culture and risk management.

Solid Understanding of Finance and Capital Markets

  • A leader in financial regulation of energy utilities, with landmark decisions on pipelines’ capital structure, return on equity, depreciation, tolls and tariffs, and principles of utilities regulation.

Decision-making Ability in Relation to Deeply Complex and Technical Issues

  • Demonstrated ability to review and test extensive, technical, and complex evidence over wide ranging topics. As board member of the NEB, adjudicated as part of a panel on numerous public hearings rendering reasoned, written decisions on billions of dollars of pipelines facilities, including environmental assessment reports with conditions and mitigation measures to address environmental risks.    

Industry Experience: 

  • Energy
  • Government
  • Utilities
  • Electric Utilities
  • Gas Utilities

Board Experience:

Additional Boards:

University of Calgary 2014 to Present
Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability Committee
Government of Alberta Expert Panel on Provincial Crown Corporation Governance 2015
Canadian Association of Members of Public Utilities Tribunals 2009 to 2013
Chair, Energy, Resources Committee
Vice Chair, Energy Resources Committee
National Energy Board 2006 to 2013
Chair, Regulatory Policy Development Committee
Governance Committee
Audit Committee


2014 to Present
Independent Energy Regulatory Advisor
National Energy Board 2006 to 2013
Board Member
Alberta Energy and Utilities Board 1981 to 2006
Manager, Economics
Examiner, Public Hearings
Economics and Policy Advisor
University of Calgary 1980 to 1981
Lecturer in Economics


Advanced Governance Education Program, Canadian Board Diversity Council, 2013
Audit Committee Effectiveness, Institute of Corporate Directors, 2013
M.A. (Econ.), University of Alberta, 1980
B.A. (Math.), American University of Beirut, 1977