Executive Director, Japan

Department:    Emerging Markets
Reports To:    Vice President, Market Development
Location:        Tokyo, Japan

Summary of Responsibilities

As part of a growing global membership structure, the Executive Director (ED) of Catalyst Japan will be responsible for furthering the strategy and operational plan to grow the Japan business and for ensuring that Catalyst Japan’s operations are aligned with those of the global organization. The ED will ensure the delivery of high-quality products and services for a broad array of Japanese constituencies, including corporate and professional member organizations, senior executives, the media, and other key stakeholders. This individual will lead the strategic growth of the organization in Japan.


Vision and Leadership

•    Develop a vision and plan to support Catalyst’s continued expansion, evolution, growth, and impact in the Japanese marketplace.
•    As a member of Catalyst’s global membership and operations team, contribute to strategic direction, plans, and policies for the global organization and its future growth and expansion.
•    Create short- and long-range plans to advance Catalyst’s reputation and impact in Japan, including media relations opportunities, the timing and nature of Catalyst service offerings, and other activities. 

New Business Development

•    Direct the active recruitment of new member organizations and the development and delivery of events and other programs to demonstrate the value of Catalyst membership and further Catalyst’s mission.
•    Build close working relationships and rapport with members of the Catalyst Advisory Board-Japan (CAB-J), senior executives from Catalyst member organizations, and other key contacts.  
•    Develop a network of external contacts in the corporate, professional, nonprofit, government, and academic communities.
•    Serve as a spokesperson for Catalyst at a variety of speaking venues, including research releases, media briefings, media interviews, conferences, and corporate sessions in Japan.


•    Plan and execute strategies to gain sponsorship for events and other programs in Japan.
•    Provide support to Catalyst management, as requested, in building relationships that lead to corporate donations to Catalyst’s major gift campaign, research centers, the Catalyst Awards Conference and Dinner, and other corporate initiatives. 

Developing the Brand in Japan

•    With advice from the VP, Global Communications, serve as a spokesperson in Japan for the organization, influencing opinion, actions, and policy through media outreach.  
•    Working closely with the VP, Global Communications, develop a media plan to extend the Catalyst brand in the Japanese market.
•    Additionally communicate the mission and work of the organization through major speaking venues in Japan.
•    Convene effective “Catalyst Community” events in Japan.

Advisory Board Relations

•    Working in conjunction with the CEO, SVP, Strategy & Marketing, and VP, Market Development, identify candidates for the Catalyst Advisory Board-Japan (CAB-J) that will further Catalyst’s mission and ensure continued diversity on the Advisory Board.  
•    Develop and maintain a strong working relationship and partnership with the CAB-J.
•    Develop agenda for CAB-J meetings. 

Management and Administration

•    Work with members of the Catalyst Executive Committee, the CAB-J, and Catalyst global and Japan staff to provide program vision and direction in order to grow the organization and move its mission forward.
•    Develop and execute an annual business plan, including budget, measures of success, and key success factors. 

Knowledge and Skills

•    Experience working for or with US-headquartered and/or other multinational companies.
•    Understanding of the business landscape in Japan and the Asia region, and ability to use insights to inform Catalyst’s research agenda, strategy, and program offerings.  
•    Recognized leader in her/his organization; record of launching, leading, and/or contributing to successful initiatives to advance women in the workplace.  
•    Proven client-service and relationship-management skills.
•    Strong analytical skills and ability to communicate complex ideas and research findings to a business audience.
•    Demonstrated business development and/or fundraising experience.
•    History of multiple and successful interactions with the media.
•    Demonstrated management and staff development abilities. Leadership style that emphasizes consensus-building, participation, and empowerment.  Experience building an open and collaborative environment that emphasizes cooperation, communication, teamwork, and trust.
•    Knowledge of how organizational and societal change is affected. Ability to identify opportunities to promote and further that change.  
•    Understanding of and comfort working in a resource-constrained environment.  
•    Cross-culturally adept, with a demonstrated ability to work effectively in a global, multi-location organization, plus knowledge and appreciation for the technology tools required to bring together people and operate effectively in a virtual environment.
•    Experience dealing with an advisory board and/or board of directors.
•    Excellent written and verbal communication skills in both Japanese and English.

Education and Experience Requirements

A minimum of 10 years leadership experience in a corporate and/or relevant nonprofit organization. Master’s, MBA, PhD, or other advanced degree in a related field. The ideal candidate is an accomplished executive who can work effectively with Catalyst’s corporate headquarters and resources outside of Japan. This individual has a passion for Catalyst’s mission, and the skills and experience to move Catalyst Japan forward in pursuit of that mission. Some minimal travel required, mostly to visit US headquarters. The candidate must be a resident or citizen of Japan. The position is based in Tokyo.