This webinar explored Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s 2012 Catalyst Award-winning initiative, Opening the Door for Gender Diversity. Mary Boughton, Senior Director, Western Region, Catalyst, facilitated a lively discussion with Kathy Finckh, Executive Manager Group Diversity, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

CBA demonstrated its commitment to gender diversity by setting the first public target in Australian financial services for women's representation at senior levels.  From Branch Manager to CEO, women represent almost 45 percent of leaders at CBA.  By valuing, respecting, and providing opportunities for all its people, CBA leverages their diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to provide excellent customer service to an equally diverse community.

Kathy Finckh shared insights and updates on the challenges the organization faced as CBA designed and implemented its Catalyst Award-winning initiative.

Listen to the recording.

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Diane Hobday says:
7/7/2014 05:24:13

Is this webinar going to be available if we miss the live presentation? We have several people that can not make it live so we'd like to schedule another time for us all to view it.



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