Technology has drastically changed the typical office workplace. Successful companies and firms now focus on productivity and results rather than face time and hours worked. Catalyst’s work-life effectiveness research and tools offer information about the barriers and myths to progress and solutions for companies to offer flexible options.

Organizations and individuals benefit from focusing on productivity and results, and relying on flexibility to engage talent helps them do that. Flexibility is not just about being flexible with time. It is also about being strategic, which requires employers and employees to be open and creative in questioning the process of how work should be done, and why.

At this roundtable discussion we want to share facts, research and experiences on how different employers accommodate the growing need of flexibility, work-life and combining family and career.

Dr. Isabelle Kürschner, Catalyst Europe Ambassador to the Germanic Region, will facilitate the conversation. We’d like to thank in advance the generous support of our local host, Linklaters LLP.

To register for this event, please RSVP to [email protected].

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Kat Ivan says:
8/6/2014 04:15:17

Hi Team,

Could you please advise of the location for this event?

Thank you!

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