As workforce demographics shift and global markets expand, workplace diversity and inclusion (D&I) has rapidly become not only a business imperative but a competitive advantage. Organizations seeking to reflect the diverse markets they serve by fully leveraging the available talent pool to reap the benefits of diversity—innovation, sustainability, employee engagement, retention, and improved financial performance—are establishing or revitalizing existing D&I councils to strategize and direct their organization’s D&I efforts.

David Lau, Senior Associate, will share Catalyst research and expertise with participants, including sample practices on how some Catalyst member organizations have successfully increased the effectiveness of their own D&I councils.

We invite executives, HR leaders, diversity and inclusion practitioners, and champions of inclusion from other parts of your business. Registration is complimentary for Catalyst supporter organizations. Each company may send up to three attendees. Space is limited, so early registration is recommended.  

Registration is open through May 12. For more information, contact Joanna Harper at [email protected].

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