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Lynda Cranston ICD.D

Board Value Proposition: 

CEO Leadership, Strategy, and Execution

  • As the first CEO of PHSA, established the organizational and leadership structure (18,000 employees, $2.5 billion budget) resulting in an integrated, efficient organization with different business lines refocused on patient care. Consolidated back office functions (HR, Finance, IT, Supply Chain), resulting in significant savings and directed transformation of health care processes, improving efficiency and patient care.
  • As the first CEO of Canadian Blood Services, rebuilt the infrastructure supporting blood services, thereby providing better information and reporting and improving the integration of services and cooperation among centres; accomplished this while achieving balanced budgets and improving safety over multiple years.
  • Oversaw development of the Canadian Blood Services national campaigns and branding to improve donations, and approved the tag line “It’s in you to give.”

Operational Improvements, Organizational Transformation, and Cost Savings

  • Merged three health regions into one while developing and implementing an integrated organizational and leadership structure and its first strategic plan. Also led the consolidation of procurement and supply across six health authorities, resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Instrumental in obtaining approval for the $650 million major redevelopment of a children’s hospital to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of patient care.

Risk Management

  • In the transition from Red Cross to Canadian Blood Services, focused attention on suppliers (Canadians who donate blood) and improving services in the blood centres, preventing a decrease in donations—a major risk of the transition.
  • Implemented risk assessment practices and mitigation plans across Canadian Blood Services centres, campaigning personally across Canada on the importance of quality, safety, and risk mitigation.

Tracie Crook C.Dir.

Chief Operating Officer McCarthy Tetrault LLP

Board Value Proposition: 

Strategy and Organizational Transformation

  • As COO of McCarthy Tetrault (900 employees across six offices), designed and oversaw implementation of restructured service and operational models to deliver optimized service and value to clients, resulting in significant increase in financial performance, client satisfaction, project delivery, cost savings to reinvest in strategic projects, and employee engagement, including selection as multi-year Top 100 Employer in Canada and Top Diversity Employer.
  • Led transformation of GMAC RFoC and acquisition of ResMor Trust. Developed strategy to expand the business and sell non-strategic assets, resulting in an 100% increase in assets and a 20% increase in customer retention.

Operations, Risk Management, and Technology

  • Developed and executed on rolling two-year technology roadmap at McCarthy Tetrault, and delivered more projects in the firm’s history to support overall strategy with a focus on security, risk management, and client experience.
  • Designed and implemented first North American collaborative work space for a major law firm, established a client innovation team to provide exceptional service to clients, resulting in being recognized by the Financial Times as the most Innovative Firm in North America.
  • Created organizational processes at McCarthy Tétrault and ResMor Trust with a focus on continued improvements, disaster recovery, and score cards to manage the operations.

C-Level Leadership and General Management

  • Oversaw ResMor Trust’s conversion to a Schedule II Bank, integrated GMAC RFoC and ResMor Trust, and launched new brand and products, Ally.
  • As COO of McCarthy, established a diverse, high-performing leadership team, resulting in improved enagagement, a values-driven culture, transparent communications, and focus on developing people.
  • Developed Blueprint for Change program tailored to McCarthy Tetrault’s strategic priorities, to include revised compensation models, performance management, communication programs, revenue, pricing, marketing, diversity, and engagement.

Trudy M. Curran ICD.D LLB

Board Value Proposition: 

Proven strategist with experience in aligning business objectives in changing economic and highly regulated environments. Board and C-level experience in executive compensation, human resources, risk management, and M&A.

Strategy Leadership

  • Played a key role in Canadian Oil Sands strategy formulation and growth from 21.74% interest in Syncrude to 36.74% interest.
  • Key lead for Canadian Oil Sands in strategic response and negotiations with Suncor Energy ($.5 billion increase in final offer over initial bid) and in negotiations with Alberta government regarding royalty review with Syncrude, resulting in a deal more favorable than regulations.

Major Transactions, Restructurings, Financings

  • Led conversion of Canadian Oil Sands from income trust structure to corporate structure
  • Key negotiator along with CEO on the closing of the acquisition of an additional 13.75% interest in Syncrude (valued at$1.7B) when there was no CFO at the time.
  • Led legal and contributed to business strategy of a $1.5 billion equity financing and over $1 billion in syndicated credit facilities.
  • Led legal process in the merger of PanCanadian Energy Corporation and Alberta Energy Company Ltd., creating EnCana Corporation with combined value of $27 billion.
  • Team lead on securities and legal financing of spin-off of Canadian Pacific Limited’s interests in PanCanadian, Fording, Canadian Pacific Railway, and CP Ships (largest restructuring in Canadian history).

Executive Compensation and Human Resources

  • Created human resources structure at Canadian Oil Sands, where none existed previously.
  • Developed long-term incentive structures for Syncrude employees to offset non-public structure and align it with other oil sands employers.
  • Managed transition of founding CEO to retirement and on-boarding of new CEO plus several senior executive transitions.

Enterprise Risk and Crisis Management

  • Part of the crisis team that established the risk-management system at Canadian Oil Sands that cut over 20% of their  budget in 2015 ($1 billion), when oil prices dramatically dropped.

Kristine L. Delkus LLB

Executive Vice President, Stakeholder Relations and General Counsel TransCanada Corporation

Board Value Proposition: 

Executive-Level Leadership, Strategic Planning and Implementation

  • TransCanada’s leading lawyer over a period that saw the company grow its asset base from $24 billion in 2005 to $66 billion in 2015 through acquisitions and infrastructure development.
  • Played key role in 1998 formation of TC Pipelines LP, a publicly traded master limited partnership set up as a financing vehicle to hold certain mature US pipeline assets, with current assests consisting of 5,560 miles of federally regulated interstate natural gas pipelines across the United States.
  • Completed a $4 billion subscription receipts offering in 2016, the largest in Canadian history, in connection with pending $18 billion acquisition of the Columbia Pipeline Group.
  • Responsible for development and implementation of TransCanada’s legal, government relations, and communications strategies during a period of development of significant, controversial infrastructure projects.
  • Experienced in the development of short- and long-term corporate strategy.

Legal, Regulatory, and Government and Stakeholder Relations Expertise

  • Led integrated legal, government relations, and stakeholder relations teams developing  new oil pipeline systems designed to carry heavy oil from the Canadian oil sands to the Gulf coast. These complex projects are notable for the groundbreaking regulatory approvals required, the challenging political environment, and the complex shipper and ownership arrangements.
  • Established a corporate compliance program and governance model for TransCanada’s multi-jurisdictional operations.
  • Successfully defended against shareholder activist initiative to break up the company. 

Betty DeVita ICD.D

President, MasterCard Labs MasterCard Inc.

Board Value Proposition: 

Innovation/Digital transformation

  • Driving fundamental impact of digital technologies on key industry verticals, including food and beverage, Internet of things, government, education, retail, and media focused on reducing friction in consumer experience via proof of concepts across eight countries.

International and Multicultural Executive

  • Ability to lead and drive different cultures, diverse organizational models, and the capacity to target growth opportunities across multiple geographies leveraging best practices.

Accomplished CEO, President

  • Strong strategic and leadership acumen, with full P&L responsibility as CEO of banks/payments networks in Canada, Korea, Venezuela and North Latin America, and a proven track record for top-line growth in various business models. 
  • Build high-performance work teams, developing talent and delivering on key franchise, market share, and financial commitments. 
  • Consistently improved and increased market share and overachieved on revenue targets.

Acquisition, Restructuring, Turnaround, Change Agent

  • Significant exposure to international markets, integration of acquired businesses in complex regulatory environments, both large and sub-scale business models, labor relations, and multi-cultural business practices. Revamped sub-scale businesses via consolidation and divestitures, leveraging market leadership position.  Able to drive growth even during crisis scenario and execute restructuring focused on key market opportunities.

Susan Dujmovic FICB ICD.D

Head of Regulatory Compliance, Retail Banking and Wealth Management HSBC Bank Canada

Board Value Proposition: 

Organizational Transformation

  • Led HSBC Bank Canada’s successful retail credit transformation over a three-year period; implemented new credit application technology, significantly improved employee productivity, and reduced costs by 20%. Throughout this period, consistently achieved above-average employee engagement scores.

Strategic Financial Planning & Execution

  • As Vice Chair and Audit Committee Chair of the Royal Canadian Mint, a for-profit crown corporation, developed strategies to deliver record revenues and profits in all business lines; Canadian and foreign circulation, bullion and refinery, and numismatics. Approved capital renewal investments of $100 million including a plant expansion in Winnipeg and a new R&D center.
  • As Audit Committee Chair of Coast Mental Health Foundation Society, one of the largest providers of housing to people in the lower mainland with mental health issues, effectively delivered balanced budgets of $24 million annually and provided strategic investment counsel to senior management over a $30 million real estate portfolio.

Corporate Governance

  • Implemented various governance frameworks at HSBC Bank Canada with oversight over multiple wealth and retail banking business lines and across multiple regulators, resulting in increased accountability, high-performance teams, and enhanced partnerships with the business to support growth initiatives.  

Debbie Coull-Cicchini FICB MBA

Senior Vice President, Ontario Intact Insurance Company

Board Value Proposition: 

P&L Accountability and Leadership

  • As Senior Vice President, Ontario Division of Intact Insurance with full P&L ($3 billion annual direct written premium), lead the division’s 1,000 employees in all areas including distribution, sales and business development, human resources, and finance.

Strategic Planning and Execution

  • Executive sponsor for specialized sales management program for underwriters.
  • Implemented re-engineered personal lines auto and home-owners pricing methodology and segmentation, using predictive analytics with "gold standard" results.

Organizational Transformation and Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Led Intact Insurance, Ontario Division through two acquisitions: AXA Insurance & Jevco Insurance, resulting in the successful integration of strong, well established company cultures, legacy data systems, and additional lines of business.
  • Responsible for First National Bank of Pennsylvania merger and acquisition, including moving corporate office from Florida back to Pennsylvania; key member of the team leading the acquisition of two banks.
  • Led marketing and implementation of new revenue-generating products leading to improved revenue and increased sales.
  • Directed the creation and implementation of several key internal sales-development programs including: an internal loyalty program, a comprehensive sales-management program, implementation of a bank-wide electronic product knowledge learning program, and implementation of successful internal program “Customers First.”
  • As president for western region (six US states and 160 locations), managed the Safeway SELECT Bank turnaround, and grew sales by 400% in eight months, improving bottom-line results.
  • As a key member of the executive team for CIBC’s North American private banking strategy, led the pre-launch project plan for AMICUS Bank in the northeastern United States, which included strategies for sales, marketing, financing, and business planning. Also established marketing objectives and strategies, and integrated all advertising, point of sale, and promotional plans.