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Alice Wong ICD.D

Senior Vice President and Chief Corporate Officer Cameco

Board Value Proposition: 

Seasoned executive with over 25 years of experience in the materials sector in a variety of roles and portfolios.

Organization and Human Resources

  • Developed executive compensation and employee-based programs, resulting in the company being awarded multiple best employer awards as well as proxy disclosure awards.

Regulatory Affairs

  • Developed strong relationships with regulators in Canada and the United States, resulting in new licenses and license renewals, as well as influencing regulations to ensure they reflected good science while maintaining solid relationships.

Investor, Government, and Stakeholder Relations

  • Secured strong public support for the company in regions it operates by guiding its efforts in building and enhancing relationships with the company’s major stakeholders including investors, analysts, governments, communities, First Nations, Metis, media, and regulators, effectively dealing with organized opposition groups and effectively managing corporate crisis events.
  • Developed, implemented, and managed an investor relations program for a unique commodity, to ensure the company’s share price appropriately reflected the potential of the company and industry.

International Investment Oversight

  • Ensured international operations in Australia, the United States, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, and had the necessary guidance so they could be operated in a manner consistent with Canadian operations.

Catherine J. Hughes P.Eng.

Board Value Proposition: 

A corporate director on both international and North American public companies, with well-rounded expertise derived from being a senior executive with significant international, corporate, hands-on operating and leadership experience.


  • Strong contributor to corporate strategy review of Nexen, prior to sale to CNOOC.
  • Served on Nexen’s steering committees for most divestitures (Heavy Oil, JV in the Gulf of Mexico, Norway) and big projects (Balzac, Golden eagle).
  • As Vice President Oil Sands, Husky Oil, led upstream Oil Sands project development and production, built a high-performing team, and developed and delivered on a solid strategy for all the assets. Specific wins included building the foundation for the successful joint venture with BP for the development of the integrated Sunrise project (200,000bpd), the ERCB Sunrise project approval with minor stakeholder issues, the "diagnosis" of Tucker Oil sand project issues, and the acquisition of strategically critical mineral land assets to protect future projects.

Operational Expertise

  • While VP, Exploration and Production Services at Husky Oil, successful in leading a 35% reduction in safety incidents as well as a 70% reduction in cost-of-service incidents by introducing and driving a culture of excellence.
  • As President of Schlumberger Canada and Geomarket Manager for Oilfield Services Canada, achieved over 50% improvement in environment and safety statistics, 45% improvement in service quality, 57% increase in revenue with aftertax income increase of 200%. This was accomplished by a significant emphasis on accountability, training, attitude, and leadership at all levels, in addition to a focused strategy and clear goals.

Human Resources and Organizational Transformation

  • At Nexen, successfully initiated and led a major culture shift towards performance, including performance management and drive for excellence. 

Cynthia Johnston

Executive Vice President, Gas, Renewables & Operations Services TransAlta Corporation

Board Value Proposition: 

P&L Accountability and Leadership

  • Senior executive with $4 billion natural gas, wind, hydro, solar generation assets across five provinces and three US states. Capital project execution to sustain assets, risk management, and all joint ventures and partnerships related to the business.

Strategic Planning and Execution

  • Deep experience developing and implementing integrated business strategies and plans, with a strong track record for delivering results and execution, including: three-year business and technology plan for the post-acquisition integration of a renewable energy business; five-year post-acquisition strategy for a regulated Alberta utility; coal operations out-sourcing delivery strategy; retail electricity strategy for a deregulated market structure, and a five-year business strategy for a $500 million renewables business.

Organizational Transformation and Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Restructured TransAlta’s functional organization into three business units, reducing corporate cost structure by $30M. Hands-on experience leading four major buisness transitions. Successfully completed the post-acquisition integration of Canadian Hydro Developers, Inc. wind and hydro fleets (600 MW) into TransAlta’s renewables business. Led transformation of under-performing utility at acquistion to flagship performer over five years at FortisAlberta. Closed $850 million sale of transmission business and $700 million sale of distribution/retail business, and successfully managed transitions to new owners. 

Operations and Capital Project Execution

  • Broad operational leadership experience in natural gas, wind, hydro, and solar electricity generation, coal mining, electric transmission and distribution, and regulated utility customer operations and contact center. Capital project execution experience for maintenance and operations and major new construction. 


  • Negotiated three consecutive rate regulatory agreements with diverse customer and intervenor groups on behalf of FortisAlberta. 

Fiona L. Macdonald ICD.D MBA

Board Value Proposition: 

Governance, Executive Compensation, and Talent Management

  • Recruited as an expert to GMP Capital’s board to address shareholder concerns with pay and performance. Over several years, working directly with shareholder advisory groups, the shareholders’ concerns have been successfully resolved. The Committee’s scope has been expanded to include talent management and succession planning.
  • Long history as a trusted advisor to Boards, on highly sensitve and often contentious issues including CEO recruitment and termination, talent management and succession planning, global competitiveness, strategy reinforcement, and performance management.  Deep experience with commodity-cyclical industries.

Extensive Familiarity with Board Dynamics

  • Effective participant in hundreds of publicly traded board and committee meetings, both as a subject-matter expert and as a board member. Known as a clear communicator and independent thinker, able to listen and modify or hold a position, depending on which was the better outcome for an organization.

Business Expertise and Financial Acumen

  • Throughout career, managed and grew successful consultancies in the United States and Canada. Achieved two turnarounds, both in the United States, where new leadership needed to be developed and financial performance improved.
  • Demonstrated ability as a banker and as a management consultant to analyze the fundamental dynamics of a business, understand its growth opportunities and potential risks, and apply a critical lens to business strategy and growth projections in the context of the competitors’ performance.

Sue MacKenzie ICD.D MBA P.Eng.

Independent Consultant

Board Value Proposition: 

Board and Committee Experience

  • Demonstrated ability at the board table to analyze, test, and integrate critical links between corporate strategic objectives and ability to deliver operationally and organizationally. 
  • As Chair of several compensation committees, oversaw redesign of several executive compensation programs to better align with organizational objectives, pay-for-performance philosophy, and good governance practice.. 
  • As Chair and member of several Governance committees, developed board evaluation tools and processes to gauge and improve board performance, optimize board renewal, succession planning, and recruitment. 
  • Clear understanding of areas for focused governance oversight based on experience and success driving organizational delivery through reorganization/restructuring, execution, and stewardship in both large and small entities.

Operations Expertise

  • At Oilsands Quest Inc. as Chief Operating Officer, initiated and led an organization-wide structural realignment to enable future development.
  • As Vice President, In Situ Development and Operations at Petro-Canada, managed on-time, on-budget, zero-lost-time project execution, and subsequent optimization of $300 million MacKay River operation. Also initiated and led strategic acquisition program that significantly increased Petro-Canada’s in situ oil sands resource holdings.

Human Resources Leadership

  • At Petro-Canada as Vice President, Human Resources, developed and implemented a successful two-year plan that realigned Human Resources organization and delivered results that supported the company’s strategic objectives.

Katherine MacMillan ICD.D

President and CEO International Financial Data Services (Canada) LTD

Board Value Proposition: 

CEO Experience, Strategy, and Financial Performance

  • A successful Chief Executive Officer of a financial services technology firm with over 800 employees and clients across international locations.
  • Skilled in leading in complex business environments: developing and overseeing strategy, risk assessment, and information technology planning and implementation. Especially experienced in large technology programs and transformational change, where benefits are realized through a relentless focus on objectives, scope, stakeholders, and costs.
  • Responsible for executing an aggressive growth strategy delivering record sales, earnings, and assets under management during the financial crisis.
  • Reduced infrastructure and operations costs, redirecting savings into new systems development (approximately $25 million USD per year).
  • Recognized relationship building through years of work in complex corporate environments and as CEO of a private joint venture, where shareholder interests occasionally diverge.

Talent Development, Executive Compensation, and Succession Planning

  • Exceptional track record in recognizing and developing talent, with a focus on building a strong succession bench for key roles.
  • Knowledge of and interest in a strategic approach to executive compensation, driving results by aligning pay with strategy/performance.

Board Experience

  • Influential corporate director with over 10 years of experience on private boards. Elected to Chair of FundSERV Board (mutual fund industry’s transaction platform) within two years of joining. 

Patricia S. Youzwa

Board Value Proposition: 

A seasoned executive with CEO or equivalent experience in commercial crown corporations and government and experienced director on a wide variety of boards. 

C-level Leadership

  • As CEO of a multi-billion dollar commercial crown corporation, led numerous initiatives for major infrastructure expansion and renewal, energy market reforms, customer service delivery improvement, technological innovation, environment sustainability, and human resource development in the areas of safety, workforce planning, and diversity.

Extensive Energy and Resource Sector Knowledge

  • Over 25 years of experience working in the energy and non-renewable resource sector in the areas of utility services, energy trading, policy development, taxation, and regulation.

Government and Public Policy

  • Over 12 years of experience at the level of deputy minister or CEO with direct accountability to elected officials and boards of directors.
  • In-depth understanding of the policy development and implementation process at both provincial and national levels gained through a variety of senior roles and responsibilities.

Vivien D. Wulff CA CMC CPA FCIS

Chief Operating Officer, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry University of Alberta

Board Value Proposition: 

Financial Expertise and Audit Chair Experience

  • Professional financial services, including viability assessments, monitoring, formal receivership and bankruptcy proceeding, acquisitions and divestitures, and financial turnarounds.
  • Served in several financial leadership roles, including as CFO, with companies in a variety of industries.
  • Experience serving as audit chair, corporate secretary, and treasurer in private and nonprofit sectors.

Operations, Mergers & Acquisitions, Organizational Transformation

  • As COO of University of Alberta’s Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (4,000 faculty and staff) lead the delivery of medical, dentisty, laboratory medicine, radiation theraphy, and advanced basic science education programs, in addition to health science research and clinical services. Portfolio has included finance, HR, IT, facility planning and security, philanthropy, and communications.
  • Played key role in planning, funding, and construction of two highly specialized research buildings ($500 million capital cost), integration of physican recruitment and funding, successful completion with Advanced Education of expanded and new program funding, record fund-raising achievement and media outreach, and development of information systems supporting a $500 million operation.
  • Successfully completed a merger of two universities and the financial consolidation of a major fertilizer processing plant acquisition and a Cuban mining operation, including three new subsidiaries and a joint venture with the Cuban government.
  • Led the financial and operational restructuring of a publicly traded drug wholesaler/retailer, increasing the shareholder price 106% through to sale and privatization, and completed a major overhaul of corporate secretarial portfolio, managing Competition Act filings and a takeover bid process. Delivered enhanced statutory and annual reporting, which received two awards for excellence in public company reporting.
  • Key executive team member executing a reorganization and transformation of Edmonton Northlands.
  • Completed numerous financial assessments and reorganizations for lenders.

Sue Lee

Board Value Proposition: 

Mergers and Acquisitions Strategy and Integration and Organizational Transformation

  • Executive role in merger between Suncor and PetroCanada in 2009: merger preparation and close; culture integration; new vision; values and strategy creation; organization design; communications, stakeholder positioning, and reputation management internally and externally; creation of Suncor Universtiy; realignment of all employees on same New Suncor HR programs; labour negotions completed; IT and business process integration and improvement; synergies accomplished.
  • Completed many top-level organizational designs including Suncor’s historic CEO succession transition in 2012.

Executive Leader with Human Resources and Compensation Expertise

  • As Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Communications and a member of Suncor Energy’s executive team for 16 years, grew company from a $2 billion market cap organization to over $60 billion.
  • Improved internal and external communications, stakeholder relationships and consultations; focused on corporate social responsibility as part of sustainability strategy and commitment.
  • Established Suncor University to develop leaders.
  • As Founding President of Suncor Energy Foundation, shifted strategies from "Giving" to "Creating Sustainable Communities" in key communities where Suncor does business.

Seasoned Corporate Director Across Industries

  • Have provided expertise in human resources, compensation, CEO succession, and governance to a number of corporate boards in a variety of industries. 

Anne Kinvig CHRP ICD.D

Chief Operating Officer Pacific Blue Cross and BC Life and Casualty Company

Board Value Proposition: 

Operations Acumen and Organizational Transformation

  • At Pacific Blue Cross, introduced lean methodologies to make significant organizational improvements to enhance customer experience, reduce cycle time, and improve communications through huddles and visual management. Implemented numerous large, transformational projects at Pacific Blue Cross requiring significant change-management activities, including: the implementation of new disability and life claims system for BCLife; a highly successful project to significantly expand use of existing space and implement a new integrated HRIS and payroll system, including a time-capture system for unionized staff.

Strategic Planning and Execution

  • Oversaw the creation and implementation of a new strategic plan for BC Life to bring the company back to profitability. The company’s financial results for year-end 2009 were the best in BC Life’s history—from a 2007 net loss of $1.2 million to a 2008 profit of $640,000 and in 2009 a profit of $4.2 million.
  • Led Pacific Blue Cross during the CEO’s absence and a time of significant internal business transformation. Led the development of the strategic plan and the execution approach and processes.
  • Key contributor to strategic plan that focused on financial sustainability, allowing Pacific Blue Cross to improve profitability and the balance sheet by more than $150 million.

Labor Relations and Human Resources

  • Negotiated a number of successful collective agreements through periods of complex mergers and acquisitions both at Pacific Blue Cross and Canadian Airlines International. Collaborated with various unions using an interest-based approach to achieve corporate objectives. Created new HR practices, processes, and programs to align culture to support the achievement of strategic business goals.