Catalyst Model Member Challenge

Catalyst knows that a well-managed, diverse, and inclusive workforce leads to better business results, highly engaged and talented employees, thriving communities, and a better world. With our member communities, we believe wholly in our vision: Changing workplaces. Changing lives.

Catalyst membership is a high-value partnership that gives member organizations—and stakeholders within them—access to a variety of indispensable benefits. To help build inclusive workplaces, Catalyst provides innovative research, actionable tools to make change, examples of successful initiatives, networking and knowledge-sharing events, a powerful array of services, and access to the unique Catalyst community of leaders committed to expanding opportunities for women and business.

Because this is a partnership, we also expect Catalyst members and leaders to hold themselves accountable for making change, setting targets, and tracking progress toward our shared goals. Through active participation in the Catalyst member community, events, and research; by sharing questions, insights, and practices; and by championing women’s advancement, Catalyst members impact businesses, communities, and societies around the world.

Thus, we challenge all our members to strive to become Model Members.

Top 10 Actions You And Your Organization Can Take To Become A Model Member

  1. Set up a meeting with your Relationship Manager to discuss how Catalyst can get you from awareness to impact

  2. Take action with a Catalyst tool

  3. Post the Catalyst logo and information on your website, intranet, and other collateral

  4. Find answers with the Information Center

  5. Engage the Catalyst Corporate Board Resource to increase board diversity

  6. Measure your Vital Signs to better understand your workplace health

  7. Attend a Catalyst In-Person or Virtual Event

  8. Download Why Diversity Matters to refresh your business case

  9. Encourage employees to record a “I am a Catalyst” video and get men at your company to advocate real change by joining MARC

  10. Join Catalyst’s social media communities on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Catalyzing