Eligibility Requirements

To be considered eligible for the Catalyst Canada Honours, all nominees must:

  • Be a member of one of the three Honours categories at the time of nomination and the time of the public announcement of winners in June.
  • Be employed by a for‐profit company or subsidiary incorporated in Canada, a Canadian limited liability partnership, a commercial crown corporation, or a commercial co‐operative.
  • Have held their position—and/or a similar one—in the category for which they are nominated for a minimum total of three years.
  • Not be employed by an organization with an initiative that is a Catalyst Award finalist in the same year. Please contact Catalyst Canada  if you think this may apply to you.

In addition, all nominees must agree to:

  • Participate, if selected as a finalist, in an interview of one-hour duration between March 16 and April 17, 2015.
  • Allow, if selected as a winner, his or her name to be announced publicly.
  • Review, if selected as a winner, a written profile prepared by Catalyst.
  • Attend and participate in, if selected as a winner, the Catalyst Canada Honours Conference and Dinner in Fall 2015 in Toronto.

For more information about the Catalyst Canada Honours, please contact [email protected] or call +1 416 645 5868.