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September 2012, Volume 5 Issue 8 

C What's Happening

The Catalyst Canada Honours Dinner and Conference – November 5

  • Tables are selling quickly for The Catalyst Canada Honours Dinner: Make sure you’re part of the celebration at the Fairmont Royal York, Toronto from 6:00PM – 9:00PM. The dinner will be chaired by Bill Downe, President & CEO, BMO Financial Group, and the reception is sponsored by Scotiabank. Book your table now, before time runs out!
  • Save the date for The Catalyst Canada Honours Conference: Join us for the first Catalyst Canada Honours Conference, sponsored by CIBC. This half-day event will feature presentations and discussions on the topic of sponsorship, and how participants can maximize their current diversity and inclusion programs to advance their colleagues, themselves, and their organizations. The conference will also provide attendees with additional opportunities to engage with our Champions and other business leaders. Check back for registration information.

Europe Aims to Hit the Target

Across the European Union, women are still largely outnumbered by men in leadership positions in all fields. The reasons for the underrepresentation of women in power and decision-making roles are multifaceted and complex. In March of 2011, Vice-President Viviane Reding, the EU’s Justice Commissioner, encouraged publicly listed companies throughout the EU to pledge to achieve more gender balance in the boardroom by signing the Women on the Board Pledge for Europe.

This self-regulatory initiative aims to get more women into the boardroom, with a goal of reaching 30 percent representation of women on the boards of listed companies by 2015, and 40 percent by 2020.

"I do not accept the argument that there aren't enough qualified women to fill supervisory boards—you just need to look at the list of 7,000 'board ready' women that European Business schools published a few months ago to see that there are." – Vice-President Viviane Reding

End of Summer Roundtables in Europe

Catalyst Europe AG is pleased to bring you two Member Roundtables in Germany, led by our Ambassador to the Germanic Region, Isabelle Kürschner. RSVP for either event at [email protected].

  • Connecting Diversity Champions – September 13
    Catalyst provides a platform for leaders to share experiences and consider the most pressing challenges to effect change in business. Findings from Catalyst research What Change Agents Need to Know and Leaders Pay it Forward will be shared. We encourage you to bring individuals in leadership positions from your organizations who have acted as champions, sponsors, and supporters of diversity, and who would benefit from hearing from other leaders. Hosted by Ernst & Young in Frankfurt.
  • Women in High Tech – September 25
    This discussion will focus on the particular challenges that companies in the high tech and engineering industries face when it comes to recruiting and retaining women for leadership positions, and include findings from Catalyst research Women in Technology and Women in High Tech. All participants are encouraged to share challenges and successes from diversity and inclusion initiatives. Hosted by Microsoft in Unterschleißheim, outside of Munich.

Chief Diversity Officer Discussion – Getting Past Stuck – September 13

Catalyst and Texas Instruments host “Getting Past Stuck,” a lunch and discussion held in Dallas, TX, focusing on how champions of diversity can drive change in their organizations and break down barriers to advancement for diverse candidates. Contact Martha Feeback for more information.


Catalyst Connects: Houston – September 19

Catalyst presents Catalyst Connects in Houston, TX, featuring Janet Clark, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Marathon Oil, and Sherry D. Williams, Senior Vice President-Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, Halliburton Company. The series brings high-potential women together with speakers considered to be role models, and is sponsored by RBC. Inquire at [email protected].


Third SAIS Global Conference On Women in the Boardroom – September 20

Ilene H. Lang, President & CEO of Catalyst, joins other CEOs and board chairs of companies that champion gender diversity to discuss recent research and initiatives in support of gender balance on corporate boards around the world. This event is hosted by the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University in Washington, DC. The event is free of charge and open to the public, but registration is required. Register for the conference.


Closing the Gaps – September 20

Join Catalyst as we host “Closing the Gaps,” a celebration of the efforts to highlight and close the gender gaps women in the workforce still face in pay, opportunities, and leadership. Following a recent collaboration with Catalyst, the Department of Labor, and the White House Domestic Policy Council’s Equal Pay Taskforce on the Equal Pay App challenge, we are thrilled to honor a team from Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College in Pittsburgh, PA, who created www.closethewagegap.com. We’ll present the award in Washington, DC, and spark a conversation of how we can continue "Closing the Gaps." Please RSVP to Emily Forster at [email protected]. Space is limited.


Webinar: Men Advocating Real Change (MARC) - September 20

Jeanine Prime, PhD, Vice President, Research, and Mike Otterman, Social Media Manager, introduce Men Advocating Real Change (MARC), a male-focused online learning community for professionals committed to achieving equality in the workplace. Expect participation of MARC bloggers for this lively discussion. This event is complimentary to participants from Catalyst member organizations; others are charged a per-person registration fee of $150 USD. Additional details and registration information to follow.


Sponsoring Women to Success: Montreal – September 25

Sunniva Sorby, Membership Manger, Catalyst, will facilitate a panel discussion on sponsorship featuring Sean Finn, EVP Corporate Services and Chief Legal Officer, CN; Javier San Juan, President & CEO, L'Oréal Canada; and a senior leader from CIBC. This event is sponsored by CIBC and will be held at The Fairmont Queen Elizabeth in Montreal. The session will be conducted in French. For more information or to register, contact [email protected].


Catalyst India WRC

  • Role of Diversity Councils and Accountability: Catalyst hosts three discussions on the Role of Diversity Councils and Accountability during which attendees will have the opportunity to share knowledge about various accountability mechanisms for making sustainable change. These events are held in India and open to Catalyst member companies only. RSVP for any of these events to Neha Shah.
    • September 25 event: co-hosted by Deloitte in Delhi.
    • September 27 event: co-hosted by Infosys in Bangalore.
    • September 28 event: co-hosted by MSD India in Mumbai.
  • In addition, Catalyst India is excited to grow and expand our presence in India, especially with the launch of the Catalyst India Advisory Board. We continue to excel as a virtual, global organization with global-local expertise (including the extended Catalyst team in Canada, Europe, and United States) and a virtual Information Center.
  • Aarti Shymasunder will be joining Catalyst as Research Manager, India, on September 3. Based in Mysore, Aarti will lead the development of region-specific knowledge products on women’s leadership, organizational change, and inclusion.

Leveraging Change in Healthcare

Eleanor Tabi-Haller Jorden, General Manager, Catalyst Europe, and member of HBA European Advisory Board, will be participating on the Executives Panel at HBA’s two-day conference about responding to changes in healthcare with diversity and talent management on October 18-19, 2012, in Basel. Get further details and registration information.


TEDX - Much Ado About Stereotypes

Corporations across Europe share the same problem: a dramatic gender gap in leadership. What makes the most senior positions in business so inaccessible to women—even in countries where there is considerable government and social support for gender equality? Senior women leaders across Western Europe tell us that gender stereotyping is an important barrier to consider, and our research supports that assessment. Join Eleanor Tabi-Haller Jorden at TEDX Zurich on October 25, 2012, as she discusses the most effective solutions to fixing the gender gap and the resulting contributions to business. Get more details.


As We C It


Sky’s the Limit

If motherhood doesn’t stop talented women athletes, why is it an issue in the workplace? In a Catalyzing guest post, our own Cheryl Yanek asks, "If these women can be at the top of their game as athletes, why do critics still doubt the ability of women to combine their careers with being mothers?" Pregnancy hasn’t dented the career of Marissa Mayer, the first pregnant women to be named CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Yet one study found that given identical resumes, a mother is 79 percent less likely to be hired and 100 percent less likely to be promoted. Leading companies understand the value of hiring, developing, and retaining women who are mothers. Just like award-winning female athletes, the sky is the limit for talented working moms. Read more…

And in “Breaking” Catalyzing News

Ilene H. Lang welcomes the long-overdue news of the gender barrier crumbling at Augusta National Golf Club. Read more…



A Conversation Worth Having

Be the change you want to see. This oft-quoted saying, one of our favorites, is a perfect companion to this CanCon blog post. Catalyst Intern, Jenna Herman, shares her call to action regarding women and the media. "We all have a responsibility to be active participants in the media. There is much that we cannot change about the words and images that inundate us every day, but there are many things we can—and should—challenge. As consumers ... we have the ability and the responsibility to engage with what we read and influence its content. We have the power to bolster those companies that foster healthy portrayals of women, and to challenge companies that do not." Read more…


Missing the Point?

With legislated workplace quotas in the headlines, it is easy enough to consider them an indictment of leadership―and assume that the antidote to a stagnating, homogenous workforce simply lies in hiking up the numbers of so-called diverse people in an organization. The real challenge, however, may prove to be inclusion: creating and sustaining an internal culture where said diverse people want to come and work. We are finding that Catalyst Member organizations are better at drawing in and retaining fresh talent when the debate focuses not only on demographics and the present, but also on mindsets and the future workplace. Check out CORE and stay tuned for more on this new era.

Catalyst Tweet of the Month

Motherhood doesn’t stop talented women from succeeding in their careers. http://bit.ly/NBPOa2

Men Advocating Real Change (MARC)

Becoming a Constructive Bystander

MARC guest blogger, Dana Theus, talked about accidental or unintentional sexism.

“The point of battling sexism in my mind is to model non-sexist behavior as if it’s ‘normal’ and because ‘it works.’ The outcome has to be effective or it just gives women and equality a bad name if we’re not careful. If it’s a situation where you risk discrediting the woman, yourself or the situation by making it ‘about equality instead of quality,’ don’t bother." Read more…

Catalyst Making Headlines

As the summer winds down, Catalyst media mentions seemed to ramp up. Hot topics included the gender wage gap, involving white men in diversity training and gender bias running deep. Forbes, “The World's Most Powerful Women In Business 2012”; CNN, “'Generation Y' Set to Transform Office Life”; The Wall Street Journal, “More B-Schools Choose Women as Deans”; Rigzone, “'Glacial Pace' of Change Seen for Women on Public Co. Board”; Forbes, “How to Beat the 'Old Boys' at Their Own Game”; CBS News, “Yes, Virginia, There is a Gender Wage Gap”; La Presse, “Les Femmes S'aident ou se Nuisent au Travail?”; The Broad Experience, “Episode 7: Non-White and Female”; Crain’s, “Can Golf Help Your Business Succeed?”; Human Resource Executive Online, “Calling All White Men (to Diversity Training)”

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