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May 5, 2010:
Webinar—The Fudge Factor: Reaching Middle Management

May 11, 2010:
Webinar—Creating Effective Employee Resource Groups

June 8, 2010:
CEMENT Tour, The Hague, Netherlands

June 10, 2010:
Catalyst Member Benchmarking: Virtual Roundtable

October 6, 2010:
The Catalyst Canada Honours, Toronto

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May 2010, Volume 2 Issue 3

C What's Happening

Celebrate Champions of Women in Business

Show your support for the three individuals to be recognized at The Catalyst Canada Honours on October 6, 2010, for lending their support to women’s advancement. Sponsor a table for this inaugural dinner event to be held at the Arcadian Court in Toronto.

Opening Minds

Catalyst Europe AG continues its CEMENT Tour (Catalyst Europe Member Event on New Thinking) with a gathering on June 8, 2010, in The Hague, Netherlands, to showcase initiatives and foster associations among participants. Register at [email protected].

Keeping Up With D&I

The Events page of the Catalyst website becomes a Member Activities Planner (MAP) with the addition of D&I Dates, allowing practitioners to plan their calendars accordingly to notify staff, organize activities, and educate. Listings include Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, International Workers Day, National Coming Out Day, and most major religious and cultural holidays.

Don’t Get Stuck in the Middle

We weren’t fudging. The webinar entitled “The Fudge Factor,” featuring Catalyst Europe AG General Manager, Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jorden, and Pamela Hutchinson, Director, Human Resources, Deutsche Bank, will be held. It was moved to May 5, 2010 from April 20, 2010. This first in new series of European events, called Live Q&A, explores how engaging with middle managers can create an inclusive culture. Register at [email protected].

Walk the Talk

Sylvia Apostolidis, Director, Member Services, Catalyst Canada, facilitates a discussion on May 17, 2010, on "Creating Effective Women's Employee Resource Groups" at a symposium for corporate women's networks. The event is hosted by The Rotman Initiative for Women in Business and held at The Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. Register online.

Let’s Be Diverse

Also on May 17, 2010, Catalyst President & Chief Executive Officer, Ilene H. Lang, participates on a panel entitled “Alliance for Board Diversity” at the 18th Annual HACR Symposium: The Power of Hispanic Inclusion in San Francisco. Again, registration is online.

Navigate Your Crisis

The National Association of Corporate Directors and Directorship offer an $800 discount to participants using a Catalyst code, CATALYSTVIP, at The Directorship Forum, The Corporate Governance Agenda TwentyTen, scheduled for June 7-8, 2010, in New York. Speakers will explore how to handle unexpected crises. Register online.

As We C It

In Catalyzing, Ilene warned readers to “mind the gap”— the gender pay gap, that is. She also discussed the opportunity President Obama has to move the Supreme Court one step closer to parity and stressed how one man mentored by a woman can affect the lives of millions. “One man can act as a catalyst for change,” she wrote. “Mentoring a man is a great way to start the chain reaction.”

Tweet of the Month

When Republicans told Representative Betty Sutton to get "back in the kitchen," they weren't complimenting her cooking. http://bit.ly/aOWSSj

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