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June 2012, Volume 5 Issue 5 

C What's Happening

Showing LGBT Pride

June is Pride Month and Catalyst has several events and knowledge products aimed at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community and putting diversity into practice:

  • Webinar: Global LGBT Inclusion—Advocating Change Across Contexts
    Join Julie S. Nugent, Senior Director, Research, and Chair, Catalyst Award Evaluation Committee, and Alix Pollack, Associate, Research, on June 26 as they lead a panel on the current and future state of LGBT inclusion. They will be joined by Parag Desai, Partner, and Brian Rolfes, Partner and Director of Global Recruiting, both from McKinsey & Company, who will share details about McKinsey's progressive, global LGBT policies and how the firm has achieved a culture of inclusion. Contact Jean Choi for details.
  • Panel: It Gets Better—Breaking Down Barriers to Advancement
    Mary Boughton, Senior Director, Western Region, highlights common barriers to advancement in the workplace and demonstrates ways in which Catalyst's research and tools can be used by organizations and LGBT individuals at a June 28 panel entitled It Gets Better: Breaking Down Barriers to Advancement. This invitation-only event is hosted by Catalyst and Littler at the Fairmont San Francisco Hotel in California. Contact Audrey Gallien for more information.
  • LGBT and Leadership
    Catalyst Europe AG General Manager Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jorden has been invited by the Workplace Pride Foundation to speak at the 6th Annual International LGBT Inclusion Conference in Amsterdam on June 15. The theme of leadership will be explored in panels and workshops at this high-profile, full-day event. Register today.
  • LGBT Practices at your Fingertips
    Check out the suite of Global LGBT Diversity & Inclusion Practices on the Catalyst website, launching June 25.

Work-Life Effectiveness in Asia. One Size Doesn't Fit All

While both women and men in Asia have high career aspirations, more women than men experience lack of workplace flexibility as a career obstacle. According to Catalyst's latest study, Expanding Work-Life Perspectives: Talent Management in Asia, there's a mismatch between employees' workplace flexibility needs and work-life programs at global companies in Asia: It's possible that programs offered may not be the right fit regionally and, as a result, people may not feel comfortable using them. Detailed reports on China, India, and Singapore describe the nuances in each of those cultures.

Women and Men in Canadian Capital Markets: An Action Plan for Gender Diversity

Despite more than a decade of concerted advocacy and good intentions by the industry, women continue to struggle to break through the senior leadership ranks in Canadian Capital Markets. A new guidebook, Women and Men in Canadian Capital Markets: An Action Plan for Gender Diversity, commissioned by Women in Capital Markets and created by Catalyst, contains practices and advice for banks, leaders, and professionals. Find out how you can put these solutions into practice. Just launched with substantial media, get the full guidebook here.

And The Catalyst Canada Honourees are

Look out on June 18 for the official announcement of The Catalyst Canada Honours Champions in each of three categories: Company/Firm Leader, Business Leader and HR/Diversity Leader. We will also give special recognition to a champion of board diversity. The Catalyst Canada Honours will be held on November 5 in Toronto and table sales have begun. Make sure to book your table early. Book now!

Paying It Forward Pays Back for Business Leaders

What makes a leader effective? Sound decision-making, knowing how to manage people, taking charge, and inspiring others to achieve goals are a few of the qualities. But helping others develop their full potential is also an integral part of successful leadership. In Catalyst's report, Leaders Pay It Forward, it pays off not only for emerging talent but for those who invest time in cultivating them. And more women than men, it turns out, are helping others move up the ladder. Get access to the full report when we launch on June 12 and find out how paying it forward pays back.

Celebrating 50 Years Around the World

March 28 and 29 kicked off a series of events celebrating Catalyst's 50th anniversary and extending our impact around the globe. Inspirational videos from the Catalyst Awards Conference & Dinner are available from our website for those who missed the events or just want to be re-inspired.

On April 30 in Bangalore, Catalyst extended the celebration with an event recognizing our incorporation into India. This week we continue the global tour with our Catalyst Europe CEO Summit taking place on June 7 in Zurich, Switzerland. And in November we host the third annual The Catalyst Canada Honours event in Toronto.

Pondering the Future

Catalyst Europe AG General Manager Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jorden will lead a thought-provoking discussion about the state and future of women in the global workplace on June 12. The Powerhouse Zurich, an internationally-minded professional women's network, will host the event at the Hub in Zurich. You can request more information here.

Connect With Catalyst in Toronto

Join Catalyst Canada on June 12 as we bring together high-potential women to hear from two senior women leaders. The Toronto session will feature Mandy Shapansky, President & CEO of Xerox Canada, and Connie Sugiyama, Vice Chair, Canada Health Infoway. Contact [email protected] for more information.

More on Sponsorship

Join us for the next Catalyst Europe Meet & Greet on July 3 in Amsterdam hosted by Ernst & Young. Caroline Pickard, Ambassador to the Nordic Region, will spearhead compelling conversations on a range of topics related to sponsorship, as well as significant findings from new Catalyst research. Please register early as seating is limited.

Live and Learn

Following successful Europe Regional Learning Hubs in Madrid, London and Berlin, Catalyst presents our next installment in Paris on July 5, hosted by Accenture. Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jorden will facilitate a discussion on bringing men into the conversation about inclusion, as both advocates and beneficiaries of an inclusive work environment. Catalyst will be releasing a third report on Engaging Men in Diversity Initiatives this June, and findings from this research will be incorporated. Email for details.

As We C It


Do Women Really Outearn Men?

In a Catalyzing guest-post, Emily V. Troiano, Senior Director, Catalyst Information Center, explored the question of whether women are truly the "richer sex" when it comes to earnings. While there are some hopeful indicators, Emily described a landscape that is not as rosy as some commentators describe. Read more…


3.5 Billion Ways To Change The World

Once again this year, the G(irls)20 Summit will immediately precede the June meeting of the leaders of the world's largest economies in Mexico City. The young women, chosen to represent the 20 nations whose leaders will be at that other summit, will debate issues and learn techniques to share their thoughts and tell their stories. In CanCon, Deborah Gillis asked readers to support these women by reminding world leaders that empowering the 3.5 billion women worldwide whom they represent will lead to innovative economies, stable countries and socially innovative communities. Find out how you can make your voice heard


Bring on the Men

This issue of CORE includes a light bulb moment, or an insight revealed by a participant at a Catalyst Europe event. "One of the keys to change is getting men in the organization involved. Only if there's pushback from those in power will we start to see things happen." Check out Catalyst's new online learning community for Men Advocating Real Change (MARC).

Catalyst Tweet of the Month

Get flex? New Catalyst report sheds light on global work-life flexibility http://ow.ly/aX6Ni

Men Advocating Real Change

Death by a Thousand Cuts

What happens when micro slights in behavior become enough to inflict real damage? Men Advocating Real Change (MARC) blogger Frank McCloskey says that this is how he feels about the multiple forms of bias and exclusion that women encounter from men in the workplace on a recurring basis. Likely not rising to legal standards of discrimination and harassment, and often not even recognized by men, the cumulative wear and tear of "small nicks" eventually manifest into individual and/or group dysfunction. So, what does "a thousand cuts" look like? Read on to find out…

Catalyst Making Headlines

May was monumental for Catalyst with mentions in stories as diverse as the Asian and Indian markets, sponsorship, the male argument for gender equity and more: The Economic Times," Pitney Bowes Insight to develop targeted solutions for the Indian market"; The Wall Street Journal, "What's in it for men?"; Huffington Post, "The Real Reason Women are More Likely to Fly Solo When it Comes to Work"; Forbes, "A Balance of Both Masculine and Feminine Strengths: The Bottom-Line Benefit"; CNN.com, "Meet Fortune 500's Female Powerbrokers"; Fins.com, "The Asian Dilemma"; The Wall Street Journal, India, "Work-Life Balance: A Challenge for Both Genders in Asia"; Huffington Post, "The Promise of Economic Security for our Mothers"; Fortune.CNN.com, "Want to move up in the business world? Get a sponsor"; Femme-o-nomics.com, "Lack of workplace flexibility means lower aspirations for women in Asia"; The Globe and Mail, "Four issues holding back women in capital markets: report".

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