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July 2012, Volume 5 Issue 6 

C What's Happening

The Catalyst Canada Honours

  • Check out the Champions: Congratulations to this year’s Champions: Company/Firm Leader: Gordon M. Nixon, President and Chief Executive Officer, RBC; Business Leader: Anne-Marie Hubert, Managing Partner, Advisory Services, Ernst & Young; Human Resources/Diversity Leader: Jane Allen, Partner & Chief Diversity Officer, Deloitte Canada. We will also give special recognition to a champion of board diversity.
  • Sponsor a table for The Catalyst Canada Honours Dinner: Make sure you’re part of the celebration on November 5, 2012 at the Fairmont Royal York, Toronto from 6 PM-9 PM. The dinner will be chaired by Bill Downe, President & CEO, BMO Financial Group, and the reception is sponsored by Scotiabank. Book your table now!
  • Save the date for The Catalyst Canada Honours Conference: Join us on the afternoon of November 5, 2012—the same date as the Honours dinner—for the first The Catalyst Canada Honours Conference, sponsored by CIBC. This half-day of presentations and discussions will provide attendees with additional opportunities to engage with our Champions and other business leaders. Check back for registration information.

A New Definition of Leadership

On June 7, Catalyst hosted its inaugural European-based CEO Summit, Leadership Matters: Talent, Quotas and the New Workplace, in Rüschlikon/Zurich, Switzerland. Special thanks to Swiss Re Ltd., the lead sponsor and host of the event, and the generous support of AXA, Deutsche Bank AG, and Royal Dutch Shell plc. The intensive half-day session assembled senior executives, managers, academics, and policy makers with one goal: to identify and debate immediate measures that will not only increase the representation of women in business leadership, but also determine how internal cultures can be shaped to reflect shifting expectations of work and the workplace.

In light of growing quota legislation, the Eurozone crisis, and the need for a robust talent pipeline, Summit participants were challenged to examine the most critical barriers to change―individual and systemic―and to provide concrete solutions. In conjunction with this event, Catalyst is pleased to offer a European-tailored report of Increasing Gender Diversity on Boards: Current Index of Formal Approaches and a Global Research on High Potential Employees, part of the longitudinal project The Promise of Future Leadership: A Research Program on Highly Talented Employees in the Pipeline. Curious to know more about unconventional approaches to leadership? Stay tuned for July’s issue of CORE.

Paying It Forward Pays Back for Business Leaders

What makes a leader effective? Sound decision-making, knowing how to manage people, taking charge, and inspiring others to achieve goals are a few of the qualities. But helping others develop their full potential is also an integral part of successful leadership. Catalyst’s report, Leaders Pay It Forward, finds that it pays off not only for emerging talent, but for those who invest time in cultivating talent. And more women than men, it turns out, are helping others move up the ladder. Get access to the full report and find out how paying it forward pays back.

Time for a Tweet Chat

In March 2012, Catalyst launched Men Advocating Real Change, or MARC, the only online community created especially for men committed to making real change in the workplace. We invite all Catalyst members to join our #MARC Tweet Chat on Tuesday, July 10, 2012 at 11 AM EST as we tackle the tough questions and challenges men and their allies face on the road towards equality. On hand will be official MARC bloggers Martin Davidson (@levdifference) and Amitabh Kumar (@AmiFromIndia). Participate via Twitter.com or use Tweetchat.com for a more streamlined view of the discussion. And please use the hashtag #MARC to follow the conversation and ask questions along the way.

Diverse Director DataSource (3D): A New Resource for Board of Directors Candidate Discovery

Catalyst is pleased to support CalPERS, CalSTRS, and GMI Ratings to help improve the diversity of talent on corporate boards. GMI Rating’s 3D, a database of diverse and international prospective candidates for board of director positions, serves as resource to connect qualified candidates with diverse experiences and backgrounds to openings for potential board of director positions. 3D gives candidates the opportunity to build their own profiles that include relevant industry experience and previous board of director positions. Corporations, recruiters, and shareholders can find new qualified candidates for consideration with the simple experience of a search on 3D. For more information or to apply, visit www.GMI3D.com.

Gender Pay Gap Shortchanges Women $250.50 a Week

Australia’s working women earn 17.4 percent less than their male colleagues, based on new ABS data. The Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency, a Catalyst partner, has calculated the gender pay gap based on average weekly ordinary-time earnings for men and women. They’ve found that:

  • Australian women, on average, earn 17.4 percent less than men.
  • The gender pay gap has remained almost unchanged for two decades.
  • Western Australia has the widest pay gap of 25.8 percent.

The gender pay gap was 17.6 percent in November 2011 and has consistently hovered around 15-18 percent over the last two decades. To help organizations close the gender pay gap, tools are available at www.eowa.gov.au/Pay_Equity.asp.

Live and Learn

Following successful Learning Hubs in Madrid, London, and Berlin, we’re pleased to announce our Paris installment, hosted by Accenture on July 5, 2012. Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jorden will facilitate a discussion on bringing men into the conversation about inclusion, as both advocates and beneficiaries of an inclusive work environment. In addition, participants will explore findings from Catalyst's third report on Engaging Men in Diversity Initiatives. Email for details.

As We C It


Fairy Godmothers, Not Queen Bees

“In my own career, before I knew to call them Sponsors, they were my Fairy Godmothers—women who helped me by putting me forward for fantastic career opportunities and supporting me by always being there with thoughtful advice, confidential outreach, and backside protection.” In Catalyzing, Ilene spoke of Catalyst’s latest report, High Potentials in the Pipeline: Leaders Pay It Forward, which hits the bull’s-eye and sets the record straight about women helping other women to succeed.

“For decades I have cringed every time I heard people point to Queen Bees who held women back. I would always counter with my Fairy Godmother stories.” Read her entire post and get the facts on this myth.


Making it Better

Words matter. That’s one of the messages of a new “It Gets Better” video by TD Bank (featuring a sincere message from TD President and Chief Executive Officer and 2010 The Catalyst Canada Honours Champion Ed Clark) in support of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) youth. In CanCon, Deborah spoke about celebrating LGBT Pride Month in June, and focusing on the achievements and the contributions that members of the LGBT community have made to our society and our businesses. “Look around your workplace. Are strong, smart employees excluded from opportunities and networking because they’re seen as ‘different’? If so, you’re probably also seeing talented co-workers walking out the door—and not only LGBT employees, but people who want to work in a vibrant, diverse workplace.” Read more and get the latest Catalyst research on building LGBT-inclusive workplaces.


At the Core of Change

Over the past few months,Catalyst Europe AG (CE) has been extraordinarily busy with CE events and member discussions. A number of hot topics have surfaced, such as: the so-called ideal worker; understanding how sponsorship works; navigating unconscious bias; engaging men, specifically middle managers; and, naturally, quotas and voluntary corporate efforts to reinforce the talent pipeline. Find out about hosting a Catalyst Europe event or engage in frank discussion about workplace change.

Catalyst Tweet of the Month

The facts are in. Pass it on, and pay it forward. http://ow.ly/bwFb6

Men Advocating Real Change (MARC)

What’s a Man to Do

Men must adapt and evolve, or we will quickly but inevitably become less and less relevant. MARC blogger Frank McCloskey talks about his personal journey regarding gender equity and how it began when he finally realized that his form of "male scripting" was often causing frustration and pain with the women in his life. Specifically, “my overly competitive nature, narrow focus, being uncomfortable with emotion, insecure about always having the correct answer, a strong desire to be accepted by peers, an unwillingness to be reflective, and often blind compliance to authority figures and institutions.” He continues, “Either we come to fully understand what ‘inclusion’ means individually and collectively, develop competencies to make mixes and complexities work better together, not perceive our efforts as zero-sum and the pie getting smaller, or we eventually sink.” Read more…

Catalyst Making Headlines

This month Catalyst was busy dispelling the oft-cited "Queen Bee" myth as well as discussing the benefits of paying it forward and paying tribute to Canadian Champions: Welt Online, “Spitzenfrauen sind keine stutenbissigen Ladys”; BusinessWeek.com, “Queen Bees, Mentors, and the Female Boss Problem”; NPR, “Study: Working Women Don't Play 'Queen Bee'”; Jezebel, “Are ‘Queen Bee’ Bosses a Thing of the Past?”; CNN.com, “Report: Women, More Than Men, Develop Talent in the Workplace”; Huffington Post, “Queen Bee Syndrome False: Women Help Other Women Advance In The Workplace, Study”; Forbes.com, “Taking The Sting Out Of The Queen Bee Myth”; The Daily Beast, “Women Get Little Help From Men in Workplace”; The Globe and Mail, “The Real Buzz About the ‘Queen Bee’ Syndrome”; BusinessWeek.com, “Canada Banks Shed Locker-Room Mentality, RBC’s Nixon Says”; The Asian Age, “No Mean Business with Female Bosses.”

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