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February 2012, Volume 5 Issue 1 

C What's Happening

The Winners of the 2012 Catalyst Awards Are…

logo…Commonwealth Bank of Australia's initiative, Opening the Door for Gender Diversity, and Sodexo's initiative, Making Every Day Count: Driving Business Success Through the Employee Experience. Join us on March 28-29, 2012, as Catalyst celebrates the 2012 Catalyst Award-winning initiatives and our 50th anniversary! Learn about the Award-winning initiatives and join a community of experts passionate about changing the future for women and business at the 2012 Catalyst Awards Conference. Find the agenda and register today at http://www.cvent.com/d/2cqkrq. Celebrate our 50th anniversary and the Award winners by purchasing a table at the Catalyst Awards Dinner. Contact Liana Wolkenbreit at [email protected] for table availability.

Gain Exposure at the 2012 Catalyst Awards Conference

The Catalyst 50th Anniversary Conference offers a tremendous visibility opportunity for those organizations committed to the advancement of women and business. Virtual exhibit space, including your company logo, electronic collateral materials and more, is available on the Conference website. Catalyst member organizations are eligible to secure exhibit space with a contribution $250 and non-member organizations with a contribution of $500 to Catalyst's signature event fundraiser. If interested, your organization may also submit a promotional item to be considered for inclusion in the gift bags distributed to attendees. For additional information please contact Jean Choi, Events Coordinator, at [email protected].

Leadership Moves Toward Getting 'Un-Stuck' in 2012

In December, Catalyst held our CEO Summit, which tackled the theme "Getting Past Stuck." What we learned:

  • Leaders' "intentionality" makes the difference.
  • Talent is a valuable resource. Do not squander it.
  • Take sponsorship seriously.
  • Treat workplace flexibility as both a right and a necessity for work effectiveness and life quality.
"You can't talk your way out of something you behaved your way into." - Douglas R. Conant, Retired President and Chief Executive Officer, Campbell Soup Company; Founder and President, DRC LLC (Quote attributed to Stephen Covey)

Identify where you and your organization are stuck and where you have been successful. Have courageous conversations that define the root causes of your issues, and use these to define a breakthrough strategy.


Leadership Matters: Talent, Quotas, and the New Workplace

Speaking of the CEO Summit, we're extending these events across the globe, starting in Switzerland on June 7, as Catalyst Europe presents its inaugural Summit. The Summit will convene senior executives of Europe-based companies, noted academics, and policymakers to consider how current financial and economic realities affect gender equity initiatives. Please contact us for details.

Read it and Weep: Women's Leadership Still Stalled in Corporate America

censusFlat, static, immobile, inert. No matter how you describe it, the findings from this year's 2011 Catalyst Census: Fortune 500 Women Board Directors, Executive Officers and Top Earners, offer a bleak picture of gender equity at the most senior ranks of corporate America. Despite a flailing economy that, arguably, makes a case for innovation and change in business leadership, women are no closer to closing the gender gap at the top ranks than they were six years ago.

Inclusion in India: It's a Talent Management Imperative

India's widening talent gap illustrates the need for businesses to expand their reach and tap into previously underutilized talent pools. India: The Case for Gender Diversity is a tool created for human resources professionals, diversity and inclusion practitioners and business school students taking their first steps in building awareness on gender diversity in corporate India. Using Talent Management to Support Inclusion: A How-To Guide for Organisations, is designed to assist human resources and diversity professionals in improving talent management systems, minimizing workplace inequities and gender biases and building awareness about talent management practices, to name a few.

Building Trust and Being Diverse

mdrFor women, navigating organizational hurdles and building trust can be tricky at best, especially for diverse women. While diversity and inclusion programs are in place at many organizations, many have not been completely successful at eliminating bias or developing trust, which can be a sensitive issue, especially between white male managers and non-white women. Catalyst's report Building Trust Between Managers and Diverse Women Direct Reports examines the perceptions of both diverse women and white male managers and offers suggestions on how to build trust. Another tool, Navigating Organizational Cultures: A Guide for Diverse Women and Their Managers, is designed to help individual diverse women navigate their workplaces and assess their own behavior to maximize the likelihood of succeeding in the workplace.

Step Up to the Platform

Catalyst Europe AG presents another Executive Women's Platform in Basel, Switzerland, on February 13. This roundtable discussion, led by Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jorden, General Manager of Catalyst Europe AG, and sponsored by Novartis, is designed for senior-level women to share perspectives and experiences around the workplace, discuss interventions that have impact, and relevant research findings. Register via [email protected].

Sponsoring Women for Success

Join Catalyst Canada for a new event series on February 16. Christine Silva, Senior Director, Research, will present research and lead a panel discussion with senior leaders on the importance of sponsorship. Speakers for the Toronto session include Dean Johnson, President, Sodexo Canada, and Jim Muzyka, Vice President and General Manager, Xerox Global Services. The series is sponsored by CIBC and this session will take place in its Toronto offices. Contact [email protected] for more information or to register.

Meet and Greet Catalyst Europe AG

The next Meet & Greet will be held on March 1 in Zurich. Hosted by UBS, this conversation will cover a range of insights and practices related to diversity and inclusive talent management, particularly in the Nordic context, as well as key findings from new Catalyst research comparing how women and men advance in the workplace. Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jorden, General Manager of Catalyst Europe AG, and Allyson Zimmermann, Director, Catalyst Europe, will facilitate the discussion. Register here.

Connect with Catalyst

Join Catalyst in Vancouver on March 7 for Catalyst Connects. Deborah Gillis, Senior Vice President, Membership & Global Operations, will interview Kathryn Henry, Chief Information Officer, Lululemon, and Bev Park, President & CEO, TimberWest, about their rise to the top and their advice for women in the audience. As always, the interview will be followed by a networking session and discussion. Contact [email protected] for more information or to register.

Breaking Legal Barriers

Join Catalyst, The Law Society, and The National Association of Women Lawyers, as we present the International Women in Law Summit 2012: Setting the Agenda for Change on March 8 at the Law Society, London. Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jorden, General Manager, Catalyst Europe AG, and Brande Stellings, J.D., Vice President, Advisory Services, Professional Services Practice, will present a plenary session entitled Moving Up: Mechanisms That Support Women to Progress. Register here.

The Conference Board Women's Leadership Conference

Catalyst supports The Conference Board Women's Leadership Conference, to be held April 19-20 in New York. This year's theme is Advancement Strategies — What We Have and What We Need and Jeff Barth, Catalyst Europe AG Marketing Manager will be speaking on Taking an Initiative Global: Inspiring Change Through Regional Relevance.

As We C It

Do Women Lack Ambition?

Not on your life. Women want to succeed, yet even when they do "all the right things" Catalyst has found that they earn less and progress more slowly than men. In Catalyzing, we highlighted report after report, all refuting this common excuse for why women aren't rising to the top and achieving gender parity. The misguided assumption that women are less ambitious than men puts companies at risk of inadvertently underutilizing talented women and overlooking, or outright dismissing them, for key roles. This is a real loss for companies.

Ringing in Change

As another year wound down, Deborah Gillis, Senior Vice President, Membership & Global Operations, sought inspiration and encouragement in the words of The Catalyst Canada Honours champions. And then she got a cold splash of reality with the release of the 2011 Catalyst Census: Fortune 500 Women Board Directors, Executive Officers, and Top Earners. In brief, there has been no progress in the representation of women at senior executive and board positions in the past six years. So she asked herself how she's going to move out of her comfort zone to promote the advancement of women in business in 2012. Read her ideas and ask yourself, how will you do the same.

Different Companies, One Myth

The myth of the ideal worker has been dismantled in a recent Catalyst report. While some organizations will find it easy to recognize the rewarded behaviors and characteristics of the so-called ideal worker, others may think that the concept was created by researchers to make a clear yet hypothetical point. In CORE, however, we discuss how the myth of the ideal worker is remarkably consistent. This means that even in innovative, diverse companies, the gulf between rhetoric and reality may be wider than assumed. Certain organizations are working to identify the underlying archetypes in order to make way for change. Are you one of them?

Tweet of the Month

Do women lack ambition? Not on your life. Ilene Lang explains why: http://t.co/ILqq1rLA #mythbusting

Catalyst Making Headlines

As we start 2012, Catalyst continues to make headlines about the lack of women at the top, myths of the ideal worker and the mommy-track: Economic Times (India), "India Has a Pressing Need for More Women at the Workplace"; CNBC, "Fortune 500 Commonality: Women"; Washington Post, "For Women in Business, The Squeaky Wheel Doesn't Get the Grease"; International Herald Tribune/New York Times, "High Hopes 2012 Will Be a Good Year for Women"; Marketplace Radio, "Despite IBM's New CEO, Women Still Struggle to the Top"; Toronto Star, "Workplaces Aren't Always Prepared for Older Mothers"; Forbes, "The Amazing Failure of Women's Career Advice."

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